ORGAN THING: The painterly colour of a band called Abandcalledboy, and a preview of that new DJ/AM documentary film….

Woke up, got up, fell up, fell out, almost missed the wickets, kind of like this Abandcalledboy colour, a couple of things for the day…

Rather like the painterly video by Odhrain Soanes and Andrew Grafton. You a can hear more from Abandcalledboy over on their Facebook and their Soundcloud. 

Abandcalledboy are from Belfast, here’s a little more, kind of like their pointy way, and the Belfast Boy and “Abandcalledboy are a four piece pop-infused noise-rock band from Belfast, Ireland who used to be band called Boy”



Apparently we can’t share this sneak preview of the new DJ AM documentary on here yet, but you can get a flavour of it via the Vimeo link down there  The early reviews at US film festivals like Sundance are rather positive. DJ:AM’s story is a remarkable one, a positive one, a negative one, I only met him once, an early Crazytown gig in a small London venue (sharing a bill with Dub War, was it an Organ gig? Can’t recall now, might have been there doing an interview), really nice guy, full of enthusiasm.  The story of the life of times DJ AM has to be told and, although we haven’t seen the full finished film yet, Kevin Kerslake and his crew have been hard at work on what is clearly a labour of love for a couple of years now, the previews look good, the reviews are positive, (at this point we really should declare that some of that animation may have been created here in our East London bunker Organ). Find out more about the documentary film via indiegogo at

And here’s a few words from director Kevin Kerslake….

More soon no doubt…..


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