ORGAN THING: A taste of Holy Joy, Daveed Diggs and 43 years ago in a field in Reading…

giant_diggsAre we really sure? Today’s thing is a musical box of things, a box with a musical thing on the bottom of it (once the Mellotron has been tunedup again). A box full of musical things (and hogweed seeds) that have landed from the land of the bands of wholesome joy…

Deathbomb Arc, the label that brought the world some of the first releases from acts such as Death Grips, clipping., Black Pus, Foot Village, and Julia Holter, has dropped two new cassettes today: Daveed Diggs ‘Small Things To A Giant’ and They Hate Change ‘Cycles’.

Daveed Diggs is the frontman of Sub Pop signed experimental rap group clipping. He is also one of the stars of the current Broadway musical hit ‘Hamilton’. His solo cassette is a loving homage to his home, the California Bay Area. Combining Daveed’s blisteringly quick and intellectual flow with ecstatic and joyful beats, this is a far cry from the dark territory of clipping.


The Band Of Holy Joy have let loose a first taste of their forthcoming album The Land of Holy Joy, here it comes now

‘Dweller on the Threshold’ installation in collaboration with Kevin Quigley as part of Avant Primitivism at St Mark’s Church in Dalston..

it was 43 years ago this very week that a band really came together back in 1972at the Reading festival….


43 - Sean Worrall / Gavin Turk, Liverpool

43 – Sean Worrall / Gavin Turk, Liverpool

More tomorrow…. maybe

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