ORGAN THING: Shatner’s Bassoon, or was it the tribute band Shansa Barsnaan?

shatners_bassonThings, bassoons, but no monsoons. Monday’s Thing is a taste of things to come from the album from the Leeds-based absurdists new Shatner’s Bassoon. An album that’s about to be released any moment now via Wasp Millionaire Records. Here’s a video from that the label claim is of the UK’s Number one Shatner’s Bassoon Tribute act SHANSA BARSNAAN playing live at The New Roscoe , Leeds performing a wasp speed arrangement of the Shatner’s classic ‘Breakfast with Boghead’….

Things have been way too busy for things around here this month, very few of the busy things involving bassoons. These Bassoons from Leeds haven’t really grabbed anyone around here until now, they did today, use your own eyes and ears, no time for words from us today….



Click below for your Free download of the studio version of ‘Boghead (WaspSpeed)’ and to pre-order, should you wish, the new Shatner’s Bassoon album ‘The Self-Titled Album Shansa Barsnaan’

The free track…

the full album


And while we’re here…

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