ORGAN THING: Autobahn, down the brutalist motorway from Leeds, Colder things from France….

What a circus, what a circus indeed, indeed it is a circus, rats, rats and mice and  “We’re all going to die, all of us, what a circus! That alone should make us love each other but it doesn’t. We are terrorized and flattened by trivialities, we are eaten up by nothing.” Eaten up by nothing other than the circus rats and Charles Bukowski and brutalist bands from the North (and seductive bands from France) and who knows what this offering from the ever good Deathbomb label…. .


AUTOBAHN – Old Blue Last, August 21st, 2015 – Autobahn have come down the motorway from Leeds for a Friday night in East London and the opening night of a tour promoting their debut album. The Old Blue Last is busy, the crowd is responding rather well to the rather barbed band, not sure about that name, we’ll brush over that, hard not to feed off the edgy energy of Autobahn as the singer with the big hair looms over us in a slightly menacing slightly smiling kind of way. Their post-punk hearts are clearly there safety pinned on to their their sleeves, they clearly come from Northern 1979, early joy Division, the Calvert dominated edgy Hawklord times, a killing joke of a sound, early days Sisters, the five of them a cranking out a locked-on sound, cranking through their gear changes and forward moving thrust. There aren’t many dimensions to Autobahn, once they lock on to that post-punk drive they don’t let go and really you don’t want them to, another dimension would be a dimension too many

AUTOBAHN, Old Blue Last, August 2015

AUTOBAHN, Old Blue Last, August 2015

They sound exactly like a band from Leeds called Autobahn should sound, they may not have too many moves that we haven’t head before but this is not mere aping of old heroes, Autobahn are plugged directly in to those industrial towers of the North, those Factory fingerprints, that sonic defiance born of gloom, of brutalism, Autobahn are a band plugged right in to it, all driving minor key menace, barbed edginess, fractured drum stabs, inviting desolation, glorious baselines, indeed, Dismaland?  The real spirit of the age? Powerful, right here and now,  brutal, barbed and perfectly named, down the motorway from the north and well worth your time….


Colder has announced his first album in nearly ten years, ‘Many Colours’ (out 6th November so we’re told) – it follows the release of two tracks, ‘Turn  Your Back’ and ‘Midnight Fever’, earlier this year. – “Colder has just completed his third, very long-awaited album, Many Colours, and it’s abundantly clear from the opening strains of the title track that the lengthy absence since 2002 debut, Again, and 2005 successor, Heat, hasn’t diminished Marc Nygen Tan’s keen sense of mood and melody. In fact, as the remainder of Many Colour’s 10 mesmerising tracks attest, if anything the nine-year respite has given Tan a renewed sense of purpose and direction that reveals itself with a subtle beauty that resonates and endures….” that’s what the press release says, what can we add? Well here’s a taste and their album is out in November on Bataille Records and


More tomorrow… maybe….


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