ORGAN THING: Germany’s Sea Moya do things…

Monday things for a glorious English summer day, rain is not stopping play, not here! Here, have some easy electronica from German three-piece Sea Moya… Here and now, they talk of Electronic-Afro-Kraut-Beat, that seems reasonable enough. Do things, rain never stopped anything, flood? What flood?  It got so damn dark in Hackney mid morning that the street lights came on, this will not do! Do things!  “We are a new psychedelic beat outfit, emerging from in between the shipping containers of a German Harbour”.

The debut EP from Sea Moya is called ‘Twins’. The EP is released worldwide on Friday 2nd October on Heist or Hit. The band have some dates with Vessels coming up…



sea_moya_art sea_moya_vessels.

More when the rain stops…. maybe…

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