ORGAN THING: Penny Rimbaud collaborates with Marc Caroll, something new from Undergrunnen…

Things, two things, musical things, things, things… The painter next door is painting oranges today, well maybe not, round orange things at least, atoms? Does he ever stop shaking those cans? We’re off to seaside…

Something new from the always stimulating Undergrunnen


Meanwhile Yer man from Crass, Penny Rimbaud, has been up to things…

Following 2013’s critically acclaimed ‘Stone Beads And Silver’ and the 2014 release of re-mastered and expanded editions of his first four albums, One Little Indian will release Marc Carroll’s 7th studio album, ‘Love Is All or Love Is Not At All’ on 6th November.  The record was produced by Marc Carroll and Graham Sutton (Bark Psychosis, These New Puritans) and brings together ten unwavering songs that reflect the triumph of love over destruction and adversity.   The title track of Carroll’s new album is “a collaboration with poet, author, philosopher and legendary musician Penny Rimbaud, celebrated for his work with the seminal and continually influential band, Crass”





More sometime soon….

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