ORGAN: On-U drop some Neneh Cherry, more drops are dropped, some painterly colour from Kim Leutwyler, some Tongue Bundle

Kim Leutwyler - Sam and Mon

Kim Leutwyler – Sam and Mon

THINGS: On-u sounds? Drops? That rather fine Concrete Fictions show at New Art Projects comes to an end this weekend, well worth catching it if you can, there’s some Organ coverage here, really worth seeing the bold bright paintings of Jessie Makinson in the flesh. That Jimmy C show at Lollipop comes to an end this weekend, open late tonight (for First Thursday) as well, Jimmy C ends, Mad C starts at Pure Evil and meanwhile down there in Jimmy C’s homeland of Australia, one of our favourite painters Kim Leutwyler has a new piece called Sam and Mon, (oil and acrylic on canvas, 36″ X 48″) “Painted this on the set of Foxtel Event, the episode airs on Oct 4” so she said, don’t ask us. Here’s some previous Kim coverage via Organ.

Meanwhile pass the trumpet and let me blow it, the #365ArtDrops piece goes on, a piece of work in 365 parts that started on January 1st 2015

#365ArtDrop part 217, found...

Nice piece on the website of the East London arts newspaper East End Review today – “Artist plans to leave 365 paintings on the streets during a year” reads the headline…

Public encouraged to spot, take home and tweet about paintings as part of guerilla art project” so reports

“For painter Sean Worrall, the streets are the biggest gallery space of them all”.

“Each artwork is hung on the street in a carefully chosen location and labelled with the hashtag #365ArtDrops. Those who take the paintings are encouraged to use social media to document the project as it evolves.

“People look up the hashtag and put photographs on Twitter of them, to tell me where they are or who they are, and where it’s got to. That’s really important because I want to document it all in the end,” says Worrall.  USA, Israel and Germany are among the final destinations of the paintings, even though each one has been dropped in London so far. The distinctive pieces, each one bearing Worrall’s leaf-heart tag, have been left all over London: outside shops, inside pubs, under railway bridges, on railings and on the top deck of buses.


Latest never actually dropped drops, click on an image to enlarge or run the slide show.

Meanwhile some music

On-U Sound Reveal Unreleased 1983 Neneh Cherry Track – Prior to Friday’s release of Trevor Jackson Presents: Science Fiction Dancehall Classics, here’s an On-U Sound stream of Dead Come Alive – a previously unreleased gem by Neneh Cherry & The Circuit, taken from the compilation.


“An unreleased track recorded in 1983 discovered in a dusty corner of the On-U tape archives. Taken from SCIENCE FICTION DANCEHALL CLASSICS, a curated selection of classics, rarities and unreleased tracks from the On-U Sound vaults by DJ & Audio Visual artist Trevor Jackson.. In some ways predicting the electro-fied sound of Neneh’s worldwide pop success with the Raw Like Sushi album, “Dead Come Alive” stems from a mid-80s period when Adrian took a production hiatus from his beloved reggae, deeply upset by the murder of his friend Prince Far I (he would later rekindle the dub flame when the opportunity arose in 1986 to work with hero Lee “Scratch” Perry). Instead he explored the possibilities of new studio technology. Early samplers and drum machines were put through their paces on work for the Tommy Boy label and remixes for the likes of Depeche Mode. More info here

Meanwhile Tongue Bundle, who are they? Don’t know, they didn’t say much, guess they were tuned in to the radio? “Hi, Really like the show, we’re a band from Dublin you might enjoy….””


More tomorrow I expect…maybe… possibly

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