ORGAN THING OF THE DAY: A free to download compilation album from L.A’s finest Deathbomb Records

Things things things, today’s Organ Thing of The Day is brought to you by our good friends at Deathbomb Records in the shape of free to download compilation album, here come the details now…

deathbomb_cot15“Hello Deathbomb Friends! Very much to our surprise, yesterday the LA Weekly named Deathbomb Arc the best LA underground label! Over the years, our relationship with Los Angeles’ biggest free print weekly could easily be described as…. difficult. Much like a sports team, the players involved at a weekly are changing from year to year. In periods of time when we’ve considered the LA Weekly to be doing amazing things for the community, we’ve praised them. In times when we’ve felt like the wrong staff was on board and corporate interests seemed to be a bigger priority, we’ve been vocal about it. Given that no one likes complainers, it wouldn’t seem strange nor inappropriate for the LA Weekly to exclude us from something like this. So it is truly an honor to get this recognition, despite being such a difficult friend to have. Thank you so much.

SOOOO, to celebrate, we’ve assembled a free compilation of 100% unreleased tracks from musicians in the Deathbomb Arc family!! It is called ‘Best dressed’ and features Turbine (member of rRope), KANGA remixing True Neutral Crew (members of clipping., ex-Foot Village), Gang Wizard, Books on Tape, William Hutson (member of clipping.), Stupid Future (members of Male Bonding, Signor Benedick The Moor, tik///tik), Joel Jerome, Margot Padilla (formerly I.E.), and Shady Van Gogh!”



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