ORGAN: Carpet crawling through the in-box with Soldiers Of Fortune, Alarmist, Twingiant and…

Onward from the carpet crawling of yesterday, on with the carpet crawling and the trawling through the in-box and “Got one here that I genuinely believe would be great for you” said someone, clearly someone who had never ever gone anywhere near an Organ page.  No, an insipid indie band playing “tropical groove” would not be great for us!  This in the other hand, as we already said a few weeks ago, is great for us, Soldiers Of Fortune – Old Roman Wall, a track featuring Cass McCombs and a band members of Oneida, Spiritualized, Interpol, Chavez and more . This is another taste from the upcoming album ‘Early Risers’ out November 6 (Worldwide) on Mexican Summer.  There’s some previous Organ coverage here


Meanwhile some more Alarmist battling in our inbox “Northern Irish math-rock meets electro-jazz quintet New album ‘Popular Demain’ due out on 2nd November 2015 via Small Pond Recordings.


Twingiant have a rather decent album called Devil Down out on Medusa Crush Recordings, apparently they released it back at the end of December 2014, sent us the link today because they’re off in a US tour and they want a live review (I guess the air tickets are in the snail mail then?). Twingiant are from Phoenix, Arizona, they formed in the spring of 2010. “Since its inception, the band has refined its sound from a conceptual stoner rock template to 70’s rock-based guitars meets modern sludge metal”, what they menas is they sound pretty much like all the other desert rocking Kyuss loving Sabbath riffing stoner rock bands out there “Twingiant has played with such acts as Windhand, Thrones, Danava, The Atlas Moth, Saviours, Intronaut, Black Cobra, Black Tusk, St. Vitus, Lo Pan, Pallbearer, Metal Church and even Guttermouth. They also played at Denver Doomfest II and Southwest Terror Fests I and most recently III”. Rather like this, nothing new but they do their thing with a righteous style.



That’ll do for now, more later? Maybe?



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