ORGAN: Weasel Walter – “I make art in spite of this world, and I’m never going to let them forget it”.

 flyingluttenbachers_revenge“I make art in spite of this world, and I’m never going to let them forget it”. so said Weasel Walter earlier this week.  When it comes to his art, you know Weasel Walter isn’t going to compromise, he’s an artist to invest trust in, and the art he makes, well Weasel Walter’s music never ever fails to deliver.
Today’s thing is a thing we’ve loved since that first time a Flying Luttenbachers thing landed in our lives. Back in those days there was no internet, no instant contact, it was all about the post sack, finding out about things from the other side of the world was difficult, if the media wasn’t on the case, and on the whole, most of the exciting music of the 90’s was ignored (these music journalists who now claim to have been life-long Cardiacs fans, where were they back there when it mattered, keeping quiet and toeing the editorial line?). Back then it was tough to encounter the real cutting edge music, it was the zine networks and the word of mouth tape-traders providing the lifelines.  Packages from bands you’d at best vaguely heard word of would arrive here from all over the glove on an almost daily basis, we fought like hell to keep Organ going just to share the news of bands like Flying Luttenbachers or people like Weasel Walter.  .
The flying Luttenbachers and their glowing dayglo pink artwork grabbed us straight away, the music was (and still is) brilliant (I don’t say brilliant lightly, that first taste of Flying Luttenbachers somewhere back in the 90’s was brilliant, they still sound brilliant, the standard has always been maintained and vital cog (should we call him main man?) Weasel Walter continues to maintain a the highest of challenging artistic standards with whatever he does. All very simple really, if Weasel Walter is involved then you need to check it out.  Sure, Weasel can be awkward at times, and he may have occasionally fired an angry word in the direction of those who do support him, but hey, we love him to death, we desperately need people as committed to their music as Weasel Walter remains, we need him fighting to put his music art and well as the art of others, the man is a musical hero.


A couple of days ago Weasel Walter posted this via social media

“it was a weird transition over the last year from being overly concerned about my work being validated through sales of “physical product” and accepting that my job is simply to make music and art to the best of my abilities and resources.

what i do seems to be terminally not-in-style – perhaps by design – so, when i have something to say, i now say it at, instead of waiting for somebody else to care about releasing it, or having to pony up a ton of money to make a cd or lp.

sure, it’s all well and good to make hard copy. but, when all the hassle of trying to sell the public stuff they don’t want drains my financial resources and time, what’s the point? running ugEXPLODE records was basically like trying to keep the Titanic afloat the whole time. i have no regrets about it, but at this point . . . no thanks. my ambition seems to always outstrip demand, and i can accept that.

maybe some people have gotten to this point much earlier, but i’m a stubborn motherfucker.

i make art in spite of this world, and i’m never going to let them forget it”.

There’s a whole load of music to explore on his bandcamp page, you really do deserve to explore it all, go treat yourself, go support one of the real good guys, a real artist.  Long live the freestate of Weasel Walter



More later…… people like Weasel is why we continue to do this thing…..



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