ORGAN: Fluffer Pit warehouse gigs, Suffragette City, Le Gun at the Dentist, leaves, Ruts……

Thing…. thing? Shall we have another? or knock it all on the head and just hang out with the red leaves and the blue and yellow things? Glorious day yesterday, no time for all this Organ stuff when there’s leaves to kick and floods to clean up. Do you really deserve all this?  You’re in a rut, you’ve got to get out out of it….

#365ArtDrops Part 285

#365ArtDrops Part 285

Some things then, a quick couple of shouts about things happening then we can get out of here and go kick more leaves or kick over a statue or kick it all in to touch…

“Established in 2004, art collective LE GUN create idiosyncratic imagery which blends a punk, occult, pop and surrealist aesthetic. As well as being the producers of their cult self-titled magazine, the group is internationally recognised for their enigmatic installations and art shows”.

suffrajette_citySuffragette City is a DIY printed annual zine based in Brooklyn, NY. “Committed to promoting the creative and intellectual ideas of strong and outspoken women. We believe in working together to accomplish our goals rather than stepping on each other to get ahead.  Run by women, for everyone. Smash the patriarchy  xox, The Suffragettes”

Looks rather fine to us, the more DIY printed creativity the better, putting together a printed zine and keeping that zine going is tough (anyone can run a website, that’s easy),  we like the look of Suffragette City, we like their attitude.

le_gun_dentistMeanwhile, for what it might be worth, we see LE GUN‘s Shop Of The Black Bat opens today from 12 noon up at the Dentist, 33 Chatsworth Road, london, E5, top end of Hackney, and will slip into opening party mode around six with Nervous Stephen spinning spooky vinyl and a licensed bar and bonfire in the garden. It’ll run for 4 days before dematerialising on Sunday night…  We like the Dentist, fine organic wreck of a venue, been some interest music in there this year, always enjoy going there, although talking to to some people, or trying to can be a little like clapping with one hand (do like an Anthrax quote with the morning coffee). So anyway, the Denist, Le Gun, kicking cans, leaves, eat, shoots, been trying to do something with the Dentist all year but hey, the wind hasn’t been in the right direction, do like that space, I hate seeing spaces locked up when they could be alive with revitalised this and that  .  So anyway this weekend black bats, sometimes  found sound, what do we know.  Maybe if we grew beards and tried fitting in a little more? Le Gun then, mind the spiders, you’re in a rut, you’ve got to get out of it…

Le Gun

Le Gun

There’s some excellent Miraculous Mule acousticness here from last weekend over in Germany and the crossroads festival by the way.  You need to see them in full electric mode of course, right there in your face, standing on your toes, evil on their minds, we said this already. We said most things already. Time to shut the flip up and go kick leaves, you’re in a rut….

Here’s an old grainy Ruts video for no reason what so ever…


And before we go…. more people making use of the warehouses before the developers get to the last of them….

fluffer_pit_flyer1 SECRET WAREHOUSE. 4 BANDS. NO STAGE.  Cult underground record label Fluffer Records who first brought you the likes of Slaves, Cerebral Ballzy and God Damn are launching a new series of nights “to shake up the underground music scene” called, Fluffer Pit Parties.

The events will take place in a secret warehouse on the outskirts of East London monthly from Nov and showcase some of the UK’s most exciting new guitar bands. There will be no stage, bands will set up in the middle  like gladiators and the crowd will be 360 all around.  Tickets are strictly limited to 150 per pit until the grand finale in March.

The first party kicks off on Sat 14th November and boasts a lineup of Danish grunge trio Baby In Vain, Gothic rockers Eighteen Nightmares at the Lux and East London noise merchants Dressmaker. Plus a secret big headliner who will be announced a couple of weeks before the party..

Links – Facebook event page /  Facebook group / Twitter / website


More tomorrow? maybe not….

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