ORGAN THING: Who are Dangerpony? Who knew Laura Bruce had a rather fine band as well?



Dangerpony, who are they? They explain it themselves underneath the first of the two excellent versions of two fine songs post here as today Organ Thing of The Day.  Laura Bruce’s East London show of drawings, paintings and sculpture just came to, the show was wonderful. Who knew she fronted such a fine band as well?  How good is that version of Roses? .

Organ these days is just about picking up on a thing every day, a Thing of The Day, and sharing it with you. It might be a band, a piece of music, an art show, a painter, a painting, it could be anything, any thing, today’s thing to share are these fine versions of fine songs.

Last day of the rather fine Laura Bruce exhibition at New Art Projects was yesterday (we did flag that fact up yesterday), you missed it now (unless you made it of course) it was well worth your time if you had the time, hope you did make the time. More details via that link you just passed, the link takes you to a review from the opening evening of said fine show


“Dangerpony is a Berlin-based concept band doing country / punk / grunge renditions of classic country songs. Laura Bruce (vocals) Laurent Lavolé (guitar), Nico Pettidan (guitar, baritone guitar), Matthias Hermann (cello), and Ansgar Tappert (drums). But we play with other musicians too (Brendan Dougherty (drums), Keith O’Brien (guitar), etc.). The band started out originally as part of a drawing installation called “Goodbye Is Half the Words You Know” that was shown in Oslo at the Museum of Contemporary Art in 2012.
Thanks to Loushy Art and Projects (Tel Aviv) who inspired and generously supported the idea from the beginning”.

“The history of the band Dangerpony begins with a series of ten portrait drawings of Nashville stars, which Berlin-based artist Laura Bruce made on the initiative of Loushy Art and Projects Tel Aviv. In collaboration with musician and composer Laurent Lavolé, Bruce rearranged ten famous songs by the portrayed country stars, recorded them in Berlin and produced a vinyl picture disc. As part of the thematic exhibition I Wish This Was A Song, the complete project was for the first time presented as an installation entitled Goodbye Is Half The Words You Know in Museet for samtidskunst in Oslo. The project resulted in the band Dangerpony, who by now play in the second cast and interpret classic country-western songs in a contemporary way”.(NBK)





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