ORGAN THING: New Oroonies! Weasel Walter’s Large Ensemble! The proper prog of The Tea Club, fresh eyefood from The Pop Group, God Damn in a warehouse this week….


Some things… some musical things, first off a large thing, a large group, Weasel Walter’s Large Group, or Large Ensemble as they now seem to be called (that’s them up there), are performing in Brooklyn next week, useless information unless you happen to be from New York we know, but hey, an excuse to post yer another of the relentless man’s endless musical treats, you really need everything he ever does….



Hang on! Stop everything! Who knew The Oroonies had a new album ready to go, a cassette landed here in a hand printed DIY cover this morning from Better Days Distribution, landed recycled used-seven-times-already envelope full of flyers, distro-lists and with Stonehenge ’84 stickers and anarchy signs all over. Soaped stamp on the front, oh alright, we made that bit up, they posted it on their Facebook page via Bandcamp and the Robry has been pulled down and Club Dog is a place we might have imagined, did those Friday nights really happen…..? Sounding good Oroonies, proper good!


“And there is now an Oroonies CD!!! In technicolour! If you want, it can be yours by paying £7.77 by PayPal to info @ remembering to add your address and then you will have a very strange little present in the post….” See! told you! Soaped stamps and anarchy! .

The George Robey, last month….

#385ArtDrops Part 184, July 28th 2015, The George Robey, Club Dog, Finsbury Park...

#385ArtDrops Part 184, July 28th 2015, The George Robey, Club Dog, Finsbury Park…

And here you go, new video for a track off the recent rather fine Citizen Zombie album from The Pop Group


That Fluffer Pit Party thing we told you about the other day, the one in the warehouse with the secret headliner, not such a secret now, pretty common knowledge, but if you haven’t been paying attention, the headliner is God Damn, we tell you this because we like God Damn andwe like things that happen in East London Warehouses (don’t you just hate that god damn Vevo logo!)


US Progressive rock band The Tea Club, and we’re talking proper old school prog rock here, have a new album called Grappling ready to go. Championed around here on previous occasions, the new album, the follow up to 2012’s impressive Quickly Quickly Quickly, is more old school bombastic proper no messing prog. Yes indeed, we’re talking complex goodness, angular instrumentation, anxious lyrics, virtuosic expansiveness and all with just enough dirt under those busy finger nails to give the complexity an edge.  We’re talking ELP crunch, we’re talking progressive dynamics, a touch of 70’s Genesis, a hint or two of old school Rush or Van Der Graaf, some of that 80’s Pallas or IQ magic in there with that miraculous something of their own that The Tea Club have.

That’s right,  The Tea Club are the real prog rock deal, and although this latest may remain on the same level just a little too much when they could do with a different texture or two in there with all the complexity, there is plenty of delicious structure and  why just use a couple of notes when you can throw in thirty-six or so? The best songs are always longer than they need to be, throwing in the kitchen sink was never a bad thing, excess is good and everyone knows proper uncompromised self-indulgent prog rock is a cool as fug.

Okay so The Tea Club are maybe kind of bubbling along in their own complex world here and there when they maybe might just to need to lob an explosive bomb or two in there with all the melodic mid-paced long-ass keyboard stuff – just a little bit of a shake up to go with everything they get so right. This latest album is not quite alive with the dramatic violence and glory of  Supper’s Ready (bur then what is?) but this is a rather fine album, this is bombastic self indulgent proper prog, this is rather excellent!  Yes indeed, The Tea Club do it again, prog as fug, classic stuff, cool as flip, closer to the heart, crawling on carpets…. prog as a bag of owls, go get it!


And hey, while we’re here, this is very very listenable as well, your neighbours will love this, play it loaud now, sharing is good…


And back in the days of those cassettes in the post  and the Sound of Ullulators and Oroonies back in the Better Days of 1986 (when Organ was a thing just starting and it seemed like a good idea and the Robey was in one piece …)



More tomorrow, have some leaves before they blow away



.More tomorrow….. maybe


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