ORGAN THING: Ice creams, Chicago potholes, Anri Sala in the Frieze Sculpture Park, the Chrome and Black Winter Graff battle and a classic bit of Hackney…

Organ Thing of The Day, let’s tidy up around here, couple of videos of recent art events that were left in the corner over there with the false widow spiders, the unwanted demo tapes and crusty paint brushes waiting in the corner to be posted up here. A bit of footage via our favourite London sweet shop Chrome and Black and a last bit of Frieze London 2015 and some beauty from the sculpture park.


As part of its 2015 Sculpture Park, Frieze Art Fair London presented a live performance by the Albanian-born, Berlin-based artist Anri Sala. The piece is called To Each His Own (in Bridges), and was made in collaboration with the US composer and saxophonist André Vida. It is based on 74 different pieces of music, combining fragments of jazz, folk, and pop songs (i.e. from the Beatles). The work is played on the saxophone, clarinet and trombone.   For the other works in this year’s Frieze Sculpture Park, click here

Anri Sala (with André Vida): To Each His Own (in Bridges). Live Performance, Frieze Sculpture Park 2015. Regent’s Park, London (UK), October 14, 2015.

Meanwhile Bored Panda tell us, “Chicago Doesn’t Fix Its Potholes, So This Artist Fixes Them With Ice Cream Mosaics” –  “Jim Bachor is an inventive artist who fills potholes in Chicago with beautiful mosaics to brighten the days of anyone who spots them during the day. Instead of filling potholes with flowers, he has now taken his work in a new direction, filling the potholes with tasty ice cream mosaics instead”.- slightly old news now but it made us smile

So anyway, enough about ice creams and sweet shops and art tarts, Chrome and Black, our favourite sweet shop, never seen art as a battle (well beside the internal one), and voting for your favourite is never a favourite thing but, here’s some fresh footage of, well watch it, it explains itself…


“8 writers had 20 minutes, 3 colours and a random word given to them right before we started the timer. They had just 20 mins to paint to come up with the best dub they could, in the rain and wind! Only 4 writers went through to the semi finals which is this weekend. Keep your eyes peeled for part 2!” – CREPT, CHIK, OUST, NEBOE, GORO, KAES, INKFETISH, ROBES –

Okay so most of it comes out looking like 1982 New York City and we’ve seen it all before many many (many)  times but hey, old school classic goodness, stop moaning and five up some Overlord X


1988, British hip-hop classic… straight outta Hackney… had to go search for this as soon as we heard it, those glorious days of hip-hop and thrash metal, Halford’s metallic spray paint, bring the noise….

More tomorrow…. maybe

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