ORGAN THING: False Advertising, flannel, Seattle, Mombutt, Manchester, Mommy Long Legs and…

Where were we?  Searching for a win? Heard False Advertising‘s almost retro sound on the WildCard show over the weekend. They’ve just released a self-titled debut album, they’re mostly from Manchester, rather like them “Wasted Away is a taster of False Advertising’s forthcoming self-titled debut album – set to be released on September 4th”


The WildCard is a new show from . “Join us for music & arty stuff on Sundays at 1.00pm”. FCUM Radio? The Vimto-fueled broadcasting arm of FC United of Manchester. A lot more that just football going in with FC, that’s what football clubs were once about, unity, community, proper diy punk rock football. Loads of good stuff on FC Radio. Here’s a photo of False Advertising that we stole of their Facebook page, they play New Cross in South London on Wednesday 2nd December.

False Advertising

False Advertising

Meanwhile over in Seattle, not so grunge flavoured, here’s the flannel-free sound of  Mombutt


And here’s Mommy Long Legs


And Thee Satisfaction


Flannel? Seattle?

From their 1994 album “Primitve Enema” Butt Trumpet… we tried to get this released over here on ORG, never quite worked out….history would have been quite different if we’d succeeded, he world would have been a far more beautiful place, global warming would not have been a problem, global peace would have have been assured…



More tomorrow, maybe….







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