ORGAN THING: Bob Mould ready to Patch The Sky….

bobmould_patchtheskySo anyway, Yer man Bob Mould, do we need to say he was once in the highly influential Husker Du back in the 80’s and then Sugar in the 90’s? Anyway, yer man Bob has a new record on the way, Aa new album called Patch The Sky, out on March 25th, here’s the cut ‘n Paste details and a video he just let loose…..

Extending a prolific run that kicked off with the 2012 release of Silver Age and intensified with 2014’s Beauty & Ruin, Bob Mould has confirmed the release of his latest album Patch The Sky, out March 25th on Merge Records. Once again featuring his stalwart band of Jason Narducy on bass and Jon Wurster on drums, Patch The Sky is a triumph of opposing forces and properties — as is to be expected from the master of balancing personal darkness with melodic brightness and harmonic density. For the first preview of the album, Bob presents the video for “Voices In My Head” directed by Alicia J. Rose.


Bob Mould’s 2016 UK tour dates in support of Patch The Sky are: 6th Feb. Rescue Rooms Nottingham 7th Feb. Academy 2 Manchester 8th Feb. Liquid Rooms Edinburgh 10th Feb. The Globe Cardiff 11th Feb. Brooklyn Bowl London Greenwich 14th Feb. Engine Rooms Southampton

Here you go, while we’re here, a treat for your ears from way back in1983 and some classic Husker Du….


And talking of things from way back when Sugar were the new news, just dropped by the local railway arch (place with the great logo, you know the one, DJ Run operates it with his mate Daryl), brilliant place full of all kinds of retro furniture and bits of art and spare plastic legs and all kinds of glorious junk, love the place!.


And what do we spot in there today but this gem, an old slice of picture disc vinyl bizarrely converted in to a seat as part of a bar stool! Apparently it was in a bar in Soho for years, What! I don’t paint these things to have people sit on them! Painted that Atom Seed cover back in the last century, the bar stool is yours for £20 so says yer man Run over in his Hackney arch)

Get in Line....

Get in Line….

Do love this place, Daryl MC does a good line is second hand beds, DJ Run just spends his time spinning old vinyl….




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