ORGAN THING: Carpool Conversation, C.A.R, Roniia’s mix tape, Paper Dress Vintage…

Organ thing of the day: Some new music, a bag load of cars and things kicking about here, we need to park them, rather like these two….  Carpool Conversation, a self-confessed “London/Cork based alt-rock outfit”, here’s a track they apparently wanted us to share with you, and why not? The masked band (well in this video anyway), play Hackney later this week, the recently relocated Paper Dress Vintage is where you can find them (352 Mare St, Hackney, London E8), on stage at 9pm apparently.  A shop by day, a bar by night


And then there’s C.A.R……


C.A.R the project of French “weird, electronic geek” Chloe Raunet, she has a rather fine video to accompany a demo track from her forthcoming LP  – “I met RONiiA on tour last year in France. They tattooed my wrist in a hotel room one night and when they asked if I’d submit a track for their mixtape, I was very much obliged. ‘(minor) Growing Pains’ is an early, stripped back version of one of the songs I’m working on for my next album. It’s changed more than it’s key since this demo incarnation, but hopefully gives a tiny idea of what’s to come. The footage was conceived and shot in Vancouver, B.C. by ORAF and edited together by me at home.  All in all, very DIY”.


RONiiA Mix Tape Vol II available now at,  a January 2016 compilation that flows a little like this…..






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