ORGAN THING: New Guerilla Toss because they want you to be happy….

Keith Rankin / Guerilla Toss

Keith Rankin’s Guerilla Toss art

ORGAN THING:  Guerilla Toss want us to be happy, they exclaimed about it! And to help this happen the always impressive New York band let loose a taster of things to come yesterday…

“WOWZAAAH!! Happy Friday!!! We are extremely pleased to announce our next LP “Eraser Stargazer” out on DFA RECORDS!!! Take a listen to the pump-up-the-jock-jams-y’all-ready-for-this style single “Diamond Girls”!!! We are really proud of this record and can’t wait for you to hear the whole darn thing !!! and what about that art?!?! THANKS Keith Rankin/Giant Claw and a major THANK YOU to all that have supported us thus far. WE WANT YOU TO BE HAPPY!!!!”


“We are so proud to announce the first DFA LP from Guerilla Toss. Eraser Stargazer will be available on limited clear green vinyl lp, cd, and digital download March 4, 2015″ said DFA Records…

Rather like Keith Rankin‘s art and music, a new name to us….




Keith Rankin

Keith Rankin

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