ORGAN THING: The last second of every AC/DC song ever. Oh and some new Noise Of Wings… yeah!

noiseofwings_coverOrgan thing of the day: Ray Dickaty‘s band Noise of Wings have some new noise for you, he of fine bands like Skree and Moonshake and hang on, “Saxophonist, composer, arranger Improvising musician. Appeared on more than 60 recordings with many artists. Member of Spiritualized 1997-2002 Moonshake 1994-1997 Skree 1992-1996 As an improviser he has collaborated with many artists With Loka he recorded his second album for Ninja Tune. Resident in Poland, he is an important and active member of the Polish Improvised music scene”. Those Skree gigs back in the day were rather special, here’s what Ray is doing today… “Noise of Wings is a compositional project based on themes written by Ray Dickaty and arranged by the band”, the band being Ray Dickaty Tenor Saxophone, Maciej Rodakowski Tenor Saxophone, Wojtek Traczyk Contra bass and Hubert Zemler on Drums…


Now this is very important stuff, this is what the internet is for, not looking at photos of cute cats and dogs all day….


Here’s a question you’ve probably never asked yourself: “What does it sound like if you string together the end of every AC/DC song ever made?”

A couple of guys called Mark and Neanderpaul (over at 100.7 KSLX FM)   decided they would find out the answer. They took the dying moments of every single AC/DC song ever recorded and lovingly stitched them together into a weird crochet of crashes and chords.

I don’t know how long it took them, but it must have been a labour of love, and I assume there were times when they really wished they hadn’t bothered starting. On the plus side, what they have given the world is a wonderful insight… well, perhaps “insight” is too strong a word.


Ray Dickaty

Ray Dickaty

And while we’re here sharing all this high art…. Yeah




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