ORGAN THING: Adaadat’s Trade and Distribution Almanac, St Agnes’s day, the convention of the cutthroat and…

Cocaine Piss

Cocaine Piss

Really must take extra care to avoid all this dreadful looking forty years of punk nonsense that seems to have started infesting London, how tediously dull it all looks to be. As does that cattle market London Art Fair thing, resisted the opening day and everything that appears on-line makes the prospect of actually attending the art cattle market less and less inviting.

St Agnes play the Lexington tonight, tonight being January 21st and The Lexington being in London. Fitting, not that they should be playing in London, more that they should be playing today for today is Saint Agnes day and cake should be in stockings and corn scattered should you be of mind, “Agnes’s feast day is January 21, the day she is thought to have been martyred. The first mention of this comes in the Depositio Martyrum, a list of martyrs, from 354″ Paint cake indeed.


It is a cutthroat world plagued with the slicing of double edge scissors and the escalating price of tomatoes. Working with tomatoes? That was then, today we have the latest Trade & Distribution Almanac on our cluttered minds. Let’s cut to the chase here with these double-edged scissors. London label Adaadat is always worth investigating, their releases almost always rewarding, always out there, way out left-field, almost always challenging, one of those labels who logo on a new release from someone you’ve never heard of gets you immediately excited about what might be there waiting to be heard. There was always something special about a record label you trusted enough to buy the latest release without having the faintest idea about the band or the music… Stiff, Neat…   Adaadat are one of the few labels from now who retrain a bit of that old magic from back then and their latest release is a “CD compilation of eclectic experimental music featuring 20 artists from all over the world”, here’s it in cold-hearted on-line for and down beneath it we’ll let the label do the telling….


Trade & Distribution Almanac Volume Five‘ is a CD compilation of eclectic experimental music featuring 20 artists from all over the world; HOWLROUND a project from London-based sound artists, Chris Weaver and Robin Fogíc. SAN MORITZZ aka Dom Garwood is a London-based one man band that spins his keyboard into joyous shapes of cut-up pop riffage and disjointed rhythms. Avant-garde musician BERNARD GRANCHER is also the host of the French radio show Great Bazaar Bernard Granche. RUTGER HAUSER are an improvising experimental rock band from South-East London. COMPANY FUCK aka Scott Sinclair is a Berlin-based one-man noisecore karaoke explosion. JEFFERSON AIRCRASH is the side-project of Milan-based video maker and VJ Rodolfo Valenti aka Junky Videoplasm. MARK WAGNER is a mystical entity who composes, researches and performs sound & music in relation to spiritual awareness and esoteric development. JAIME GENOVART is a Buenos Aires based musician and sound designer also working in film and TV. ATOM TRUCK is Adaadat co-founder and noisy beat maker Angus Keith. THE BALL BROS is one of several side-projects by cousins Sam Langley and Oliver White, who run the record label Void of Ovals in their home town, Bristol. oMMM aka Edmund Davie is a London-based, lo-fi electronic musician and 4-track aficionado. NATURALISMO is a noise project from Hong Kong resident Gabriele de Seta. THE ONE HE COULDN’T SAVE aka Cameron Corcoran is an experimental electronic producer hailing from Austin, Texas. LEGSSS is an alterego for Vancouver-based sound artist, producer and designer Frederick Brummer. MEDULLA MACTABILE MACULAE aka Mihailo Dragojevic is a multimedia artist based in Montenegro. ALAN COURTIS aka Reynols co-founder Anla Courtis is Argentina’s most prolific noise maker. CHRISTOS FANARAS follows in the Greek lineage of ambient pioneers, like Vangelis and Iasos only with an emphasis on deep dark brooding soundscapes and space-age melancholia. ENIAC aka Fabio Battistetti is an Italian sound artist and author of performances based on the interaction between acoustic and electronic music.MATTHEW PRAIN is a Brisbane-based film composer and ambient electronic musician. ROMVELOPE is Adaadat co-founder, experimental musician and sound-artist Bjørn Hatleskog.

Tom Hunter

Tom Hunter

Great piece here on the East End Review pages  Tom Hunter on squatting in Hackney during the 90s: ‘It gave my art a meaning and a purpose’ 

REVEAL - Marnie Scarlet

REVEAL – Marnie Scarlet

And we never did share Android 80 did we? Really thought we had? Surely we did? Rebellion obsolete? Bon voyage, I wish you well…. poisoned electronic headlines because punks not dead, “One man band consisting of Brian Carney, synth-man with UK underground psychedelic band Poisoned Electrick Head, Android 80 sees the Belgium-based Englishman return to his first love: 80s synth pop, vintage synths and the robotic melodies of Kraftwerk and early The Human League”. I’m pretty sure we did mention it before, been out a couple of years now, it is rather timeless though and burn baby burn and worth another mention and whatever the rules are with these things, here it is, no pushover, no game over….


Meanwhile there’s some rather interesting slices of musical things to be found on this just released U.S compilation fundraiser in support Bernie Sanders.  “Sanders is a champion of the people, a man who cannot be bought, and a skilled politician who fights injustice with tenacity. It’s exciting to come of age in a time where, in a sea of candidates who’ve made a career of smiling in all the right photos or saying the most outlandish things to cull airtime, Senator Sanders continues to stick to the issues that are important to his personal ideology, and to the future of the American people”.


And what of Cutthroat Convention? What became of the band that eventually got us thrown out of West London? They evolved, almost beyond recognition, even their name evolved,  an ever cutting ever evolving thing stripped of classical strings and giant guitar riffs and most of the letters in their name and here for your ears and other bits, is their latest evolution


St. Agnes’ Eve—Ah, bitter chill it was!
       The owl, for all his feathers, was a-cold;
       The hare limp’d trembling through the frozen grass,
       And silent was the flock in woolly fold:
       Numb were the Beadsman’s fingers, while he told

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