ORGAN: Blurt, Bees, White Wine, Prostitutes, Holy Joy and Resonance FM fundraising…

White Wine, what kind of name is that for a band? Hang on, come back, there’s a 31Knots im the wine.  The first song of the upcoming album “Who Cares What The Laser Says?” Released sometime this month by This Charming Man Records or so it says on this bit of electronic paper that’s lying on floor.  Hang on, here’s some facts, White Wine are Joe Haege (31knots, Tu Fawning, Menomena, Dodos), Fritz Brückner (Blut Sport Disko) and Chistian “Kirmes“ Kühr (Zentral Heizung Des Todes), here’s the tune, enough with the words already….


This just in from The Pop Group: “The Lost video of ‘We Are All Prostitutes’ from back in the day was recently unearthed, big thanks to Chris Reynolds who found it in his attic a few weeks ago! Amazing footage”


Right then, this week is annual fundraising week over at the ever vital arts radio thing that is Resonance FM. There’s loads of art, music, experiences and more to be found via the on-line auctions and there’s one or two benefits gigs happening this week including this one feature both Blurt and the Band of Holy Joy.



BLURT –  “Come early to experience the exhilaration of Ted Milton’s legendary art rock, post-punk, pogo-jazzists. Currently touring Europe, this is your chance to catch them live in London AND your money goes to keeping on air the best independent arts radio station in the world. If you missed Blurt’s astonishing Cafe Oto gig in February, you’ll want to be here. And if you didn’t, you’ll want to be here even more”.  Read The Quietus Master Of Puppets: Blurt’s Ted Milton Interviewed

BAND OF HOLY JOY – Margin walkers and midnight drifters…”When it comes to music, nobody engages to greater effect than the Band Of Holy Joy. And don’t ask me how they keep doing it, but their new album The Land Of Holy Joy arguably represents a new benchmark even for them in their search for warmth in the wilderness” so said Louder Than War.  There’s an Organ review of their most recent album here and a bit about their rather fine live performance at last year’s Art Car Boot Fair here

CHARLES BULLEN (DJ) – “We’re excited to welcome back This Heat guitarist/vocalist/multi-instrumentalist/engineer/producer, Charles Bullen, as our selector tonight. “Charles spins an invigorating heterogeneous mix of dub, post punk, avant rock, Afrobeat and much more. He’s worth the entry price on his own.” Club Integral”

“All this wonderful music with moving image from INGA TILLERE (Band Of Holy Joy / Bad Punk), MELANIE CLIFFORD and HOWARD JACQUES (Bermuda Triangle Test Transmission Broadcasts)”.  And The Man From The Bermuda Triangle hosts a live auction of select bobbins items. Bring cash.  Limited capacity. Advance tickets   “ALL THE BEES is an official Resonance104.4fm 2016 fundraiser, conjured up by Thursday night’s Bermuda Triangle Test Transmission Broadcasts and Friday night’s Bad Punk”. More info here or via the Facebook event page




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