ORGAN: R.I.P Keith Emerson, it really was mighty…..

keith Emerson

keith Emerson

Keith Emerson passed away, took his own life so it would seem, ah Keith, why did you have to do that? I guess it really was all about arms and hands and playing really was everything… And when he played how glorious it was. Keith Emerson, keyboard player from the mighty Emerson Lake and Palmer, when they hit the spot then they really were mighty. Let’s be honest here, they didn’t always hit the spot, but when they did they really were powerful, they really were mighty (as were The Nice before them) and it really was about those battles with Hammonds and Moogs and if you are going to have a Moog then why not fit wings to it and have it fly? R.IP Keith Emerson, thanks for the glorious indulgence…     (sw)



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