ORGAN: The Gitane Demone Quartet go way out past the sun (again)…


So what’s the always rewarding Gitane Demone up to now? Well “announcing the digital release of Our first LP “Past the Sun” and the premier of “ur new video “Past the Sun”, directed by Karim Ghahwagi” is what she’s is up to, How good is this? Gitane Demone has always been gloriously good, always challenging, she’s really out there with this new quartet.  You don’t needs words, here it is, pass the sun, past the sun, this lead track of the album might just be the very best thing she’s ever been involved in, now to explore the rest of it, so far it sounds nakedly good, shooting stars, far more than just skin and bones…  (sw)


The rather impressive official video (Directed by Karim Ghahwagi) for Past The Sun, title track from the album that’s now available digitally via Bandcamp…


Gitane Demone on Facebook

A quick bit of Wikipedia history should you need it  – Gitane Demone (born May 16, 1958) is a is an American singer, songwriter, musician and artist. In a career spanning more than 30 years, Demone was a member of the influential deathrock band Christian Death…. read on

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