ORGAN THING: New Opera Hero, Eat, Work, Play, a debut single….

New Opera Hero? We like New Opera Hero, we like their colour and their lights and their heads, we like their performance, we like their art (and we do like sharing space with them, there were great at Pop Up, F’off last year), New Opera Hero had us won over before a note of music fizzed off the makeshift stage the first time we encountered them. One of the most visual bands in London, and once the music does start to flow, they more than match the visuals and the controlling baby head with the earfood feed out.  They’re experimental, orchestral, powerfully electronic, gloriously colourful, and it seems almost ridiculous that the London-based group (I won’t call them a mere band, they’re more like a group of multi-media artists) are only now getting to release their debut single. The single, Eat Work Sleep is out on March 25th, the original piece is accompanied by some impressive remixes..

Here’s the official press release…

“London-based trio NEW OPERA HERO are set to release their debut single ‘Eat Work Sleep’ on the 25th March 2016. ‘Eat Work Sleep’ is a powerful orchestral piece with clashes of experimental electronica and industrial, a sound reminiscent of Venetian Snares, Aphex Twin, Son Lux and Steve Reich. The original ‘Eat Work Sleep’ gets new interpretations on the hands of classically trained musicians Halina Rice and Auxx.

First to remix New Opera Hero’s work is London-based producer Halina Rice. Halina was trained classically in piano and percussion and applies her multi-instrumentalist skills to work audio samples. Halina used her signature electronica and techno beats to add her own touch to the original track. Next up to the plate is experimental and multi-genre electronic producer Louis Sterling aka Auxx from Bath, UK who has taken ‘Eat Work Sleep’ and doused it in with his unique melodic spirit and textural layers. The result is as unique and special as the first edition.



 NEW OPERA HERO’s extraordinary live performance is led by a projected baby that is controlled live on stage. The band comprised of Steff Ungerer (Vocal, guitar, keys, AV, producer), Agon (Vocal, keys) and Raoul Terzi (Vocal and drums) take the audience on a musical rollercoaster ride that veers between alternative anthems and upbeat electronica. “We combine the live energy of a guitar band with the big beats of electronic music and the baby makes sure everyone keeps up when we switch,” says Steff Ungerer co-founder of the band.

Steff composed, directed, designed and performed NEW OPERA HERO’s first sold out show at the Royal Opera in Liege, Belgium in 2009 together with co-founder Mike Wilson. The 3D holographic electro/rock set that followed featured a number of talented singers and won them two MAMA Awards and gigs on major performance stages like The Lowry, Manchester and Kinetica Art Fair, London. However it wasn’t until their set on the main stage of Germany’s Fusion Festival in 2013, that NEW OPERA HERO became a bona-fide band.

Ungerer often creates NEW OPERA HERO’s music as part of a multimedia collage in which every element influences and changes every other. “Musical themes, stories, characters and images are shuffled around until they make sense as a whole” says Ungerer. In the video for ‘Eat Work Sleep’ that he created with long-term visual collaborators Michael Wilson and Philip Gordon the musical journey that swerves between electronic beats, classical elements and their signature explosive choruses is apparent”.





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