ORGAN THING: A fine first taste of the new single and video from New Opera Hero…


We first crossed paths with the very visual New Opera Hero when they played alongside a whole load of artists in the wreckage of a half demolished art studio over in South West London, they were rather good there at Pop Up, F’off back in 2015. Since then there’s been some rather impressive shows and some rather delicious releases from the extremely creative band, they’ve been quiet for a little while, things are about to start flowing again thought, the first in a serious of new singles is out at the start of May, and here for your delight is a preview of the video of that first of the new singles….


And here comes the carefully constructed press release with all the details….

“London based trio NEW OPERA HERO are set to release their new single ‘The Winner’, out on 03 May 2017. The track features extreme transitions between subtle electronic verses and blazing orchestral choruses that owe much to the illuminated sound-design work of contemporary acts like Sonlux, Woodkid and the Knife. Steff Ungerer (producer, vocals, keys, guitar), Agon (vocals, keys) and Raoul Terzi (drums) are known for the fierce live performances, that they pit against the clinical precision of their hi-tech AV sets. This song however introduces a more intimate side of the band. ‘The Winner’ follows a cross disciplinary music approach that started with NEW OPERA HERO’s first classical/electronic show at the sold out Royal Opera Liege, Belgium in 2009. Their subsequent 3D holographic electro/rock set won them two MAMA Awards and gigs on major performance stages like The Lowry Manchester, Kinetica Art Fair and Fusion Festival. It is therefore no coincidence that ‘The Winner’ is released on Burst TV Records who work on visual live shows for international acts like Lady Gaga and the Pet Shop Boys. In the video for ‘The Winner’ NEW OPERA HERO transforms London’s skyline into a retro-futuristic backdrop that is reminiscent of Fritz Lang’s silent movie, Metropolis. The story, which explores the expectation of modern society, couldn’t be any more relevant during a time when political and economical upheaval continue to shake-up Europe and the USA. Fans will also be pleased to find a guest appearance by the ‘giant baby’ – the virtual leader of the band when they play live on stage. ‘The Winner’ is another piece of the puzzle that reveals the intricate and ingenious universe that is NEW OPERA HERO”.



NEW OPERA HERE at Pop Up Fuck Off, 2015

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