Prince, I rather like Prince, others might slightly disagree around here but he really was an immense pop artist, he was pop art, he made some great music, he made some great looking music, a proper pop icon… I for one will miss Prince rather a lot…. (sw)

Prince has died. He was 57 years old.


“The news was first reported by TMZ and confirmed by The Associated Press. According to TMZ, the musician’s body was discovered at his Paisley Park Estate early Thursday morning. A cause of death is not yet known.

Last Thursday, Prince’s private plane was forced to make an emergency landing in Moline, Illinois and he was taken by ambulance to a local hospital. It was later revealed that Prince has been suffering from flu-like symptoms. He was discharged from the hospital a few hours later and flew back to his hometown of Chanhassen, Minnesota. The following day, he was spotted riding his bicycle around town and hosted an all-night dance party at Paisley Park”.


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