ORGAN THING: United Sounds Of Joy, a live film of that night…

United Sounds Of Joy

United Sounds Of Joy

This rather beautifully crafted film will give you a small idea of the magic that happened over at the debut live performance of United Sounds of joy at the Servant Jazz Quarters a couple or so weeks back. A fine document of a special night made by Joel Stevens and ChooChoo Films.  there’s some words that related to that night and who they are and what went down back at the start of March this year (or was it the end of February?) a few pages back; “Somewhere in my head is a Rolodex of gigs you really had to be at to get anywhere near understanding how good they were, gigs that can’t be described, fragments of what happened… more here




“The original single from 1996 on Org Records, before they signed to Beggars Banquet. (The later album version was different, without the explosive chorus – never understood why…)”


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