ORGAN THING: A rather beautiful solo album from Poino’s Ross Blake…

Today’s rather rushed Organ Thing of The Day comes from Ross Blake, he of Poino, has a rather fine new solo album out. Here it is, an a click on the bandcamp icon in the corner will take you to the details you need to acquire a copy of the rather beautifully rewarding thing for yourself….


“Cornish-born composer and multi-instrumentalist Ross Blake, previously found whirling his talents amid the sonic offerings of Buttonhead and Poino, steps out from the shells and shadows of those groups to unfetter his most personal pieces to date. The debut EP Parallel Wine brings together four restructured instrumentals selected from his previously unreleased film and theatre soundtracks. Revealing a Carrollian wonderland of pastoral airs and melodic dreams the listener is soon lost in a wash of tranquil forevers. Out now while shops last”.

Ross Blake Bandcamp / Ross Blake Facebook /


Front Cover Photograph ‘Familiar Bikers’ © 2016 – Ross Blake


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