ORGAN THING: Barstow, Circadia, Shoreditch, Hackney, Minty, that’s nice…

the Canal, Hackney...

the Canal, Hackney…

Cup of tea and a slice of life…..That’s Nice! Where were we? Certainly not of the outskirts of Barstow or on the canal on the edge of Hackney or watching Martians destroy Woking. We escaped the rain of Brick Lane and the wrath of the geography teacher at the Red Gallery, we don’t need no geography lessons, we know where we are, we know where we went and we’ve probably been here far longer than you doing this thing we continue to do. Last days of what? These things never end 9and anyway, you got it wrong teach)



Today we shall mostly be clicking on links thrown at us via the e.mail inbox, that and throwing paint at a big canvas and fractured words at electronic paper. Had a listen to something new from some band called Staycation that someone was boasting had been previewed on the website of some publication or other. We keep being told they’re a band worth checking out, not impressed us that much so far, not that impressed by this new song, not impressed by the band or indeed the publication, and what is all this exclusive preview bullpoop anyway? Nah, Staycation did very little for us, next…

We do love the concentration that goes in to buying a part of the One Hundred Pieced Piece

We do love the concentration that goes in to buying a part of the One Hundred Pieced Piece

Expanding, improving, that’s nice…. .

“Auxiliary Mammals is a four-piece noise rock band from Baltimore, MD.  We just released a 45rpm 12″. Here’s a link” said the short shape e.mail, not even a hello, you’d think they could at least manage a “hello”, say hello you rude-ass bands. Auxiliary Mammals sound like a rather a lot of early 90’s Camden Lurch bands you probably don’t remember now. Red Eye Express, Scissormen and such, they’re not as good as Homage Freaks (not many were), they’re decent enough in a slightly one dimensional kind of awkwardly edgy noise-making way, they’re the most interesting band to invade out inbox so far today.  Another dimension or an additional flavour or idea or two to add to the one decent one they already have might be a good idea, anyway, that link you just passed back there will take you to their soundcloud page and the recording that talked of when they mailed us without saying hello. Manners mean, Hold On, That’s nice, hold on, wait a minute, say hello you damn rude bands, a cup of tea and a slice of life… …


Super deluxe spin dryer, that’s nice, expanding, improving, that’s nice…. Next… “Good day/evening, hello from Berlin”, that’s nice… this is nice… A whole bag of things from Berlin, links to twenty or so albums, way too much in one go, Circadia stood out a little…

“Circadia might be your favorite new experimental psych-impro-folk band. With the stellar line-up of guitarists David Stackenäs and Kim Myhr, bassist Joe Williamson and drummer Tony Buck from The Necks, Circadia releases their debut recording on SOFA around about now.  While the pared-down acoustic instrumentation may seem to be some kind of “back to basics” tip of the hat to folk styles, the music is much more than that. A tight rhythmic drive coupled with a nuanced concern for timbre, texture and dynamics gives Circadia it’s unique sound. It’s a band like few others”.



Many many things were tasted and sampled today, Circadia were the most rewarding…. more tomorrow, maybe…..

ART CAR BOOT FAIR, LONDON, 2016, Sarah Sparkes, fanny

ART CAR BOOT FAIR, LONDON, 2016, Sarah Sparkes, Fanny




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