ORGAN THING: Chicago’s Lovely Little Girls let loose a first track from their forthcoming album…

Organ thing of the Day:  Chicago’s Lovely Little Girls have let loose a first track from their forthcoming album


From the forthcoming LP “Glistening Vivid Splash”. Out July 8th on SKiN GRAFT Records.

Here’s the record company blurb….

“Lovely Little Girls are a nine-piece avant-rock band from Chicago led by visual artist/performer Gregory Jacobsen and bassist Alex Perkolup. The band began as a performance art group that staged absurdist spectacles based on Jacobsen’s tableaux paintings of odd characters and unseemly activities ( The group soon evolved into a fully-formed band featuring ambitious compositions that takes cues from Magma and Henry Cow. Perkolup and Jacobsen work closely together to create a soundtrack to Jacobsen’s paintings. His work has been exhibited internationally, including exhibitions in Luxembourg and Poiters, France with Mathew Barney and Harmony Korine. Performance still takes a large role in the group through costumes, roles, and staging, with Jacobsen in the front animating the songs with a grotesque stage presence and vocals that veer from gentle to frenzied and violent.



The band’s new LP “Glistening Vivid Splash” expands upon the band’s past sonic vocabulary by using more space and employing an odd sense of harmony provided by singers Sacha Mullin and L. Wyatt, as well as trombonist Mike Hagedorn and sax player Cory Begnsten. Guitarist Jeff Goulet and keyboardist Jon Beavo work together to establish strangely-phrased melodies over Charlie Werber’s orchestral-styled odd-time signature drum patterns. The songs on the LP are organized as suites, leading the listener through a narrative of ominous urgency- ripening and decaying before the ears”.


And here’s a taste of a previous album…..



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