ORGAN THING: Ben Cove, Double Dutch, a new gallery show, opens July 1st…

Ben Cove

Ben Cove

A memorial and hopefully a celebration of the life and times of artist Ben Cove happened in London yesterday, unfortunately we couldn’t make it, our thoughts were there though. There’s some words about Ben via that link you just passed, and we’re rather pleased to see this show is happening.

“Ben left detailed plans of a new installation work which I found amongst his affairs. I’m very grateful to the Aspex team and Stewart Gough for realising the new work. Ben was so excited about exhibiting with Aspex and it has been some comfort to be able to see it to fruition” so said Ben’s sister Melanie.

And so a show will happen, as originally planned, at Aspex Gallery at the start of July



Join us on the evening of Friday 1 July, for the preview of ‘Double Dutch’, recent work from the artist Ben Cove.

It is with a mixture of sadness and celebration that we honour the promised exhibition that was programmed before Ben’s unexpected and untimely death from a short illness.

Working with Ben’s sister, Melanie, we are excited to present a new installation that Ben had planned with his usual meticulous attention to detail. We feel happy to have been able to realise his intentions.

Cove’s work explores the nature of painting and the object by installing paintings within large found images and sculptures. These investigate ideas of the constructed world, with reference to a broad range of influences, including 20th century modern architecture, art, design, museology and furniture, which Cove referred to looking at “out of the corner of my eye”.

The show happens at Aspex Gallery, The Vulcan Building, Gunwharf Quays, Portsmouth, PO13BF  (Facebook event page)


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