ORGAN THING: Seems some unheard Nirvana tapes have turned up…



It appears that a few unreleased Nirvana recordings have (maybe) made their way online. Stereogum say “thanks to a fan who bought a reel on eBay containing a session from 2/15/93 that was recorded at Pachyderm Studios around the same time as In Utero. Alternative Nation reports that the reel had 7 previously unreleased recordings, including two versions of “Dumb,” three versions of “Marigold” (including one featuring cello playing from Kera Schaley), and two completely new songs: one that appears to be a Dave Grohl solo track and another dubbed “Lullaby,” which sounds like three-and-a-half-minutes of messing around, but some are speculating that Kurt Cobain is playing the drums on it. Listen to those two below, and the entire recording here.


Kind of gets you thinking about what’s kicking around here, squalor alive and lurking under the piles of this and that? I know there’s the original version of that Cardiacs single we released before Tim Smith cut a whole minute out of it in the mastering studio, and there’s loads of live tapes and demos and bits of soundcheck.  How about the tape of Cardiacs doing Dazed and Confused? Or that demo tape Radiohead once sent in, actually Nirvana sent in a tape way back there, must have a look, all kinds of strange tapes and boxes and things in here, this box is over there….

Who is he?

Who is he?


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