ORGAN THING: It plays out nicely over late night highways, kaleidoscope images and bodies moving in slow motion…

Embarked on one of those clear out the in-box sessions earlier today.  Every day, a hundred or so e.mails mostly scatter-gunned at us by highly paid not very selective music PR companies, along with an e.mail or two direct from a big name “independent” record labels and occasionally something a little more personal from a band or small label doing it themselves. As we keep saying, everything does get listened to, some things more than others, the endless links to generic deep house don’t tend to get more than a minute of attention, likewise the mountains of blandly obvious heard it all a million times before cookie monster metal and the tedious self proclaimed punk pop that people from all over the globe seem to think might excite us enough to have us spend time sharing it with you. And if we don’t react they send it again a week later (and then again a week after that with an annoying ICYMI prefix to the subject line).  What have we got today then? Well Animal collective remixing Italian duo Niagara did very little for us, you just passed the link should you wish to hear it. Apparently there’s a Shinamo Moki  remix that’s “getting a load of hype” whatever that means… “Morning Sean, Hope all is well. We have just premiered the Shinamo Moki  remix of Magical Mistakes single ‘Peaking in the Pitch Black” which is due for release next week. With the album getting a load of hype at the moment, could you please consider for a feature or news piece and we would be happy to set up an interview here with you as well”.  A nice enough track or mix of a track I guess, the link is back there a few lines back…. next….

Clare Street, East London, July 2015

Clare Street, East London, July 2015

Khompa sound pretty much like a whole load of ideas half-borrowed off Animal Collective via a 65Daysofstatic filter – “In addition to touring Europe numerous times with his instrumental power trio STEARICA, sharing the stage with bands such as Girls Against Boys, Acid Mothers Temple, NoMeansNo, Dälek, Damo Suzuki and Coliseum, as well as working as a session player with several Italian acts, Davide Compagnoni has been hard at work developing his electrifying new solo project KHOMPA: an adventurous mix of drumming, electronics and cutting edge drum triggering technology”, it sounded like lots and lots of things we’ve heard many times in the last dozen or so years, you’ve got the link, we’ve hit delete….. Self proclaimed death metal band Monument Of A Memory (from New Jersey) have a new release, they sound very much like something a bit like At The Gates or Lamb Of God or Parkway Drive, they’re a million miles away from the glories of Venom‘s raw blistering stomping skin-peeling early days. Monument’s singer needs to take something for that constipation, it sounds rather painful and they’ve wasted several minutes of my ear time with same old same old, I guess they’re brutal, and if you have nothing to add to the formula, why bother? I do sometimes miss the back in the in the day days when all this cowardly generic nonsense would turn up in physical form via the post and it could at least be stuck straight on to ebay and turned in to beer and some kind of compensation for the hours lost to it.  “for your listening pleasure” said the e.mail, no no no, it wasn’t even the pleasure of pain, it was just a painful waste of valuable time

Clare Street, East London, July 2015

Clare Street, East London, July 2015

TAKING INSPIRATION FROM DOVES, FOO FIGHTERS, ATHLETE AND RADIOHEAD” shouts the next e.mail in capital letters, you know what, we kind of know know what that shouty headline means before we click on the link, yeap, we were right, not even going to dignify it with a link or a band name.  For flip sake, draw the line indeed, what a bed-wetting slice of unambitious average, reach for the stars?  I bet they’re playing the godforsaken Barfly soon, stop repeating the chorus we already know you want to draw the damn line and reach for the stars, you said it seventy-one times already! And look at that band photo, stop cluttering up our day with this horsepoop .

And apparently Curtis thinks we’re going to be excited by the news that Lightsabres are available to interview (and that their new album comes with a free temporary tattoo! whooopybleenindo!). Well Curtis me old mate, Lightsabres may be available but my hair needs washing and there’s some paint trying over there I need to watch and the shelf needs to be put up and the weeds out there need attending to  …  We do listen to everything, and right now we’ve moved on to the next one and we’re apparently listening to some “experimental ambient pop”, doesn’t sound that experimental to these ears…

“Hey Sean, I’m reaching out today regarding L.A. based duo NKOSI‘s new video for ‘Constant Euphoria’ which will be released on 15th July. We’d love if you could share this in some capacity on The Organzine!” Apparently “Constant Euphoria” plays out nicely over late night highways, kaleidoscope images and bodies moving in slow motion.”, well that’s what the press release claims. No! Sounds like bloody Sting and a very polite Sting at that! I can’t stand Sting and his smugpoop (and The Police were never as good as they like to think they were either and neither was Blondie so don’t be sending anything that sounds like bloody Blondie either!)

Clare Street, East London, July 2015

Clare Street, East London, July 2015

And the debut Hoo Has single is “for fans of Blur”, well that could mean anything! It could mean the rinky dinky brit pop Blur or it could mean the let’s rip off Cardiacs good bits of Blur, nah, this isn’t for Blur fans more like a tedious take on Supergrass on very down downers, will this depressing song ever end? This is the new me? That was a a long long three minutes, oh look, You Tube autoplay has put on Mr Nadir next, thanks the gods for that!  Here, have some raw ground-breaking 1974, it is after all the first day of July (well it was on the day this was written) and there’s no wind up in the sky, enjoy it all while I take a baseball bat to everything else in the e.mail in-box, and oh no, right on time, here comes the daily art news e.mail from the man with the beard and the silly red hat, shut it down, no more looking in the e.mail in-tray! How can the self-appointed guardians of art news in this city miss out on so much in terms of what’s actually going on right under their noses?.Best things to see this week in terms of art in London indeed?! What a load of old horsepoop Mr redhatman  (SW)



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