ORGAN THING: This is the sound of the summer, this is the only groove you’re gonna need, Miraculous Mule did it again!

Burning and looting baby all night long… The Sound Of The Summer? On the lips of everyone you meet, the damn thing really is an earworm, have to call it as it really really is, might have to retract everything previously said about that new Miraculous Mule single, it might just be their best thing yet!


yeah yeah, I know what I said already but the damn thing won’t get out of my head, I’m walking around singing it, it is the only grove I’m gonna need, keep going back and playing it, the soul of it is getting inside me! Been walking around singing it, had it on repeat, one of those classic singles you put on repeat and played again and again (see every single ever by The Ruts, see Living For The City see Freda Paine). Ignore that last review, the sound of words rushed, this is the sound of retraction, two days on, it worked on me like a proper single should

Just played it again, turned it up really loud and went and had a listen from out on the Hackney main street in the dark with sound of police cars and people shouting at each other and rain falling and dogs barking (yep, we live on the front line here, eleven types of coffee and a crack deal on every corner). They’ve damn well gone and done it again! this really IS the sound of the summer, stick with it, let it get in there, real soul! The sound of everything that’s happening right now….  This is the sound of the summer, this is the only groove you’re gonna need….(sw)


This is the new single from Miraculous Mule, “‘Sound of the Summer’ starts out as a paean to long hot summer days and hot sticky nights before morphing into something darker as it details summer riots, insurrection and the death of protest. Please feel free to like, share and comment”… Took days to get in there, in there for good now though…


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