ORGAN THING: Miraculous Mule’s monster, that revolution sparked and..

Monster? Let’s just park the b-side to the forthcoming Miraculous Mule single here, a proper proper (monster of a) b-side…


They’re saying the release is a double A-side, but hey, these things matter, the a-side is a classic slice of pop, a glorious twist alive with revolution’s call, the a-side really is The Sound of The Summer, listen to it three times and you won’t think that much of it, but  play it a fourth time and you’ll start to get it, by play seven you’ll be singing it all day, you’ll be waking up with it in your head, I’m on play 843 now, that a-side is pure soul, a proper seven inch single (we’ve said all this here already of course), the sound of a brand new day, kids on the park, revolution sparks, the real sound of the summer, vital and alive and why is it not all over the radio? What is the point of music radio if you’re not going to play this?


The sound as the city burns, burning and looting….   and every classic a-side needs a flip, that Burning moment of discovery, what’s this!? The b-side! Whole legions of lives were changed as pre-teenage boys and girls finally got around to flipping over their copy of The Sweet’s pop classic Hell Raiser and Burning was discovered, a monster that led a generation to Zeppelin and Sabbath and….. The b-side of Miraculous Mule’s new seven inch is a monster of a b-side, a classic, the single is from Miraculous Mule‘s forthcoming album Two Tonne Testimony (released November 4th).


“For those of you who found ‘Sound of the Summer’ a little too subtle and mannered the other side is now available for your listening pleasure. This song was written two years ago in response to the rise of the far right throughout Europe. It takes to task those who fan the flames of fear and hatred and those who blindly follow the likes of Farage, Trump, Le Pen, Wilder etc. Songs like this do not get played on the radio so please share it far and wide…” (Miraculous Mule)


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