ORGAN THING: Clip it, have some new Clipping…

blah blah blah…. music… blah blah… art…. stuff…. things…. art conferences… bombing it…. smashing it… sell a print… market market market…. “you can’t paint that wall mate, I control that wall, you need my permission, I select the artists, I control this street”. Who appointed you? Isn’t it past your bedtime anyway? Hang on, here comes some new Clipping to flip with things….


“Watch “Baby Don’t Sleep,” the first video from our new album, Splendor & Misery (available 9/9/16)” so say Clipping



VIDEO CREDIT (because that is a good video and these things are important): Director: Cristopher Cichocki

“Clipping.’s collaboration with multi-disciplinary artist Cristopher Cichocki erupts into a seamless blending of video and sound. Baby Don’t Sleep is an electrified vortex of video art that jolts into the core of clipping.’s commanding noise-rap and music concrete aesthetics. Captured within the industrial bellies of New York and Los Angeles, this meticulously detailed work is comprised from Cichocki’s visual experiments with interference static, oscilloscopic wavelengths, and flicker-frame animation” .


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