ORGAN THING: Death Grips announce a London date….

deathgrips_london16It goes it goes, and so it goes that the thing we know as Death Grips are coming our way, well maybe not yours, but they are most definitely coming our way. I do like it when a band are considerate enough to be playing within walking distance of our front door.

Death Grips bring their thing to the Village underground here in London on October 17th, tickets go on sale on Friday morning, that’s tomorrow to you and me… it goes it goes it goes…

We need some more words just to fill up the space so the flyer there fits nicely on the page and there will be no squalor alive on this page!  Seagulls are bullies, they don’t like you to face up to them so says the man on the radio  Let’s throwback to 2011 and that slicing cutting piece of goodness that really did nail what it was all about back there for Death Grips….


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