ORGAN THING: Blind Atlas? Paper Dress Vintage? Summer School?


Quick one today, in a rush, things to do, places to be at. Blind Atlas, who are Blind Atlas? And what’s Summer School?  Apparently Summer School begins on Thursday 18th August at Paper Dress Vintage Hackney. “No more answers. No more questions. Packed lunch optional. …enroll here…”, I never got that much out of gong to school, do like the laid back sound of Blind Atlas though, and that vintage shop with a bar in it that is Paper Dress Vintage is always enjoyable, can we sneak a bear to two in with that packed lunch? How much for a bottle of beer? Here’s the event details (via Facebook).  You get three bands, DJs playing records ’til Midnight, and a limited Great Learning poster print on the night…  The Bill features Blind Atlas, Kid and Cold Spells


“Born in the land of barm cakes Blind Atlas songs range from whiskey-soaked Blues to a melancholic mix of Folk, Americana and Rock to Cinematic Soundscapes with guitars that gently weep one minute and howl the next. Their differing musical drivers push melodic constructs and playing techniques that are not traditionally heard together or side by side both between and within songs…”

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