ORGAN THING: The rather excellent Joanna Gruesome play the DIY Space for London birthday party this weekend…


Here, have a Gruesome video, you can catch Joanna Gruesome  playing the first birthday party celebration that’s happening over at DIY Space For London, the venue is celebrating in style this weekend (you just passed the link to the Facebook event page back there) and up above to can see the poster for the event (the poster is the work of Sumena Owen)



“Currently writing their third album in a secure location, ‘Joanna Gruesome’ have taken a weekend break from a relentless schedule of séances, psychic ceremonies and moonlight rituals to leak two singles from their “Peanut Butter” period. Songwriter Owen Williams explains: “While I was writing Peanut Butter, Saturn transitioned into retrograde and for obvious reasons I ended up losing two songs. We’ve recently managed to unearth them, record them and press them onto a 7” single.   The record features performances from new band members Roxy Gruesome (from the groups Towel, Two White Cranes, Grubs and formerly of Trust Fund) and Kate Gruesome (formerly of the queer punk group Pennycress).  Pretty F**king Sick (Of It All) is a pop song about being pursued by intelligence operatives, partly influenced by the group’s recent U.S tour, in which the CIA took a special interest in the band’s movements. Occult Bookshop is a pop song and origin story detailing the first meeting of the group.

Both songs are also about being non binary. Williams explains: “I wanted to write about the confused nature of my own gender identity and being non binary generally. But I also wanted two songs about Occult forces, espionage and using astrological means to strengthen, receive and administer crushes.”  Williams has failed to elaborate further , but a source close to the band has confirmed that listeners may be in danger of accessing “subtle realms of the unconscious” if the record is played on repeat. A rival source has warned of “dissonance, organs, shouting, occult content, pop melodies and ‘hardcore’ punk rock rhythms”. The record includes a violin performance from Maria Marzaioli and was recorded by Rory Atwell on a boat in London. It features original artwork from Bart De Baets.


Here’s what the DIY Space For London have to say about their events that are taking place over the weekend.


SATURDAY DAY  Yoga: Join Claire (yogidancers) for pay what you can vinyasa style yoga, usually at DSFL on a Monday evening but also kicking off our birthday weekend! (10.30am-12noon. There”s a form filling social to coordinate responses to the Old Kent Road Action Plan, 11am-1:30 with free food. More details.  And you can join a collective open day 2-6pm with a workshop by Antiuniversity Now. More details


Screaming Toenail: Like Shopping, Screaming Toenail bring danceable ESG & further post punk inspired vibes. In a post-squat London, Screaming Toenail tie together the freedom to have fun while engaging with the brilliant narratives of artist Jacob V Joyce’s critical social frustration & satirical observations.


Frau  Feminist punk band from London, play sweaty discordant brash short songs. Frau have released a number of tapes and 7”s, either self-released and on DIY labels, and have toured extensively. Frau share members with current and past bands Cianuro, Good Throb, Woolf & Runt.


Joanna Gruesome:  Joanna Gruesome’s contributions to the DIY and indiepop communities are extensive with their current line up consisting of members of Grubs, Two White Cranes, Breakfast Muff, Caramel and, now Daskinsey 4. After two great full length LPs of indiepop sweetness and punk blasts, they’ve released their latest single ‘Pretty Fucking Sick of It All’ which considers non-binary identities and frustrations of modern life.


Poisonous Relationship: Sheffield-raised, Glasgow-based artist & producer Jamie Crewe sings, produces, composes, remixes and revamps music. Rolling through soulful harmonies and feathery vocal dreamscapes, Poisonous Relationship takes in classic house & R&B influences, while subverting these touchstones into a hysterical queer fantasy. Jamie’s captivating performance at Good Job (RIP) for a DIY Space benefit back in 2014 got everyone up on their feet and onto the dance floor. hear them via their soundcloud page

SUNDAY DAY DSFL Zine and Community Fair SUNDAY EVENING Social gathering with classical Mexican guitar and more. Details TBC.  GET IN TOUCH TO RUN A STALL OR WORKSHOP ON THE SUNDAY!  SHARE SHARE SHARE

DIY Space For London opened its doors on 17th September 2015 and we’re organising an in-house megafestival to celebrate an amazing year and get excited about another year of the space coming up.  We want this to be a weekend that has a wide range of things going on, from music to workshops to screenings to whatever else you can think of. We need lots of people to get involved to make this happen and all members – old, new, future – are invited to join us in organising the festival.  DSFL is a volunteer/community run space, to attend events here you must be a member. Joining costs £2, lasts for a year, and you can pay online. Membership takes 48 hours to take effect and you will receive a membership card the first time you visit the space. Please note that you must be 18 years and over to be a club member; people under 18 can come to the space but must be accompanied by a cardholder.

DIY SPACE FOR LONDON can be found at 96-108 Ormside Street, London, SE15 1TF.


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