ORGAN: Prince Buster, ska pioneer, dies aged 78…


Prince Buster, photographed in London’s Finsbury Park. Photo: Antonio Olmos.

So Prince Buster has checked out, the “Jamaican musician who helped pioneer ska music in the 60s and who provided inspiration for a subsequent generation of British musicians..”  and we really can’t let his passing pass by without a more than respectful mention in these pages 9without prince Buster no Madness and no Cardiacs Arrest and no….) . “The first Jamaican to have a top 20 hit in the UK, he defined the sound of ska in the 60s before going on to inspire the Two Tone movement of the late 70s…”



It’s unclear who broke the news or how Buster died, but reggae and dancehall DJ David Rodigan said on Twitter he confirmed with the Jamaica Music Federation. Tributes to Buster have since poured in on social media.

There’s an excellent piece from Peter Mason  on the Guardian pages this morning

It was boxing ability as much as musical talent that helped Prince Buster become a key figure in the birth of Jamaican ska music. During the mid-1950s Buster, who has died aged 78, sang in a number of small-time bands in the island’s capital… further reading



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