ORGAN THING: Upsilon Acrux set out on their epic European adventure…


Consider this an advance warning, The man we know as Paul Lai  tells us that “On Tuesday I’ll be leaving for Upsilon Acrux‘s European tour for about 26 days, this will an epic journey w/ many places I’ve never been. Truly insane playing Rock In Opposition festival w/ my idols Magma and this will be my first trip to Poland, Sweden and Norway. Hope to see some of u there or somewhere around there. below are the actual dates to help navigate our path of destruction.,  P.S for those that wanna ask what kind of music, i would refer to it as very apical rock music w/ 2 drummers so a f*ckboat of drums are involved”.


Upsilon Acrux are of course one of the finest bands out there, consistantly challenging, deliciously defiantly hard-boiled, progressive in all senses, real prog, avant experimentalism and gloriously good. The US band are on their way over, a rare tour or Europe, our ears are in for a treat, a f*uckboat of a treat as Paul puts it…. Here’s some tastes on and new, expect more as we build up to the UK dates both here and on the Other Rock Show….





FOOTNOTE:  Art must always be written about in the correct formal academic way, no not smile while viewing art, do not act like you might be excited by it.

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