Organ Thing of The Day? Here’s a new Miguel Mendez song…

Organ Thing of The Day? Here’s a new Miguel Mendez song (and video), we’re still coming down after all the Debased activity of the weekend, Here, have a quick one, have this mellow piece of goodness and some words from Deathbomb Arc while we clean up. This is a track from the new album ‘Love is For The Rich’ released on the aforementioned ever worth your while label that is L.A’s very fine Deathbomb Arc in collaboration with Psychedelic Thriftstore Records.


“Miguel Mendez has been a member of Love As Laughter, and collaborated with musicians such a J Mascis, Farmer Dave of Beachwood Sparks, Joel Jerome of DIOS, and even experimental musicians like Brian Kinsman of True Neutral Crew. On rare occasion though, Mendez puts forth his own work – a uniquely rude yet gentle form of psyche-country. Raised on both 70s ballads and 90s gangsta rap, Miguel Mendez is at once deeply romantic and armed with a bitter tongue. It can be hard to decipher if his lyrics are sympathetic or satirical. Or both. Or neither. He plays with mystery both in his words and the lush orchestration of his tracks. ‘Love Is For The Rich’ is an ominously delivered piece of wisdom: Just chill.”

MIGUEL MENDEZ 'love is for the rich' artwork

MIGUEL MENDEZ ‘love is for the rich’ artwork

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