ORGAN THING: Action Pulpeuse, exciting week, some proper drive-by to kick off Frieze week, some Charlie McFarley, some Rat Boy pop, here we go, art excites….

Cultivate Debased - Emma Harvey

Cultivate Debased – Emma Harvey

Who sucks? Monday morning? Glorious day and the start of an art week dominated by Frieze, if there is such a thinking as an art season, and I really don’t think for those serious about the pursuit of art here in London there actually is, art goes on fifty two weeks of the year, but if there is a London art season then this surely is it? This is the week when the mainstream media discover the art world for a few days and the art media flounder around even more than they usually do cut’n and pasting and having very little to say or no desire to really get out there. It really is just another busy week in an always busy London, every week is busy, every week alive with art, exciting art, something is always happening and the man in the red hat might have said he really didn’t care what was going on in the back streets and the basements and the warehouses, that he really couldn’t be bothered with artist-led events that are so often at the cutting edge, but we are bothered, we are excited, art is alive, we like that. .

Charlie McFarley, drive by...

Charlie McFarley, drive by…

This in a banger racer painted by Hackney-born artist Charlie McFarley, his colours are because he grew up in the cold grey Hackney 80’s when things were a little more bleak in a different way around here, okay, his colour sense does sometimes hurt our eyes, did he really put those two colours side by side on that wall? We like Charlie Mcfarley, now this should be in that car park this year, now that’s what we call a real drive by!

Frieze 2015

Frieze 2015

Rather looking forward to Frieze, if it is to be an art fair then why not just cut to the chase of head for the big one, the mother(fucker) of all art fairs, the one that knows what it is about and doesn’t need to pretend? At least it isn’t some placid street art contradiction, I mean, a street art art fair that charges an artist an arm and a leg to show their work at? What kind of artist involved themselves in that?  Surely that’s about as far away from the notions of street art as we could possibly get? The contemporary art fair monster that is Frieze with that smell of expensive perfume and the gallery owners aloof and unfriendly is at least an honest intention, far too many so called street artists treating the streets as nothing more that a series of publicity stunts for their next gallery show or art fair appearance, Moniker? Mockery? Here’s my “big” piece, you can buy the limited edition print release at my gallery opening next week if you can afford it, yeah right. . McFarley on the other hand painted the car just for the hell of it, we like that and for once the colour doesn’t hurt so much, cutting through the bullpoop, art on an Essex race track, a real drive by… see you out there this week…  exciting week, another exciting week…

Charlie Mcfarley

Charlie Mcfarley

The driver won the race by the way…  And here’s some Rat Boy to start the week off with for no reason what so ever…. Pop has to be honest, pop art, street art, pop music, this is honest pop music and not afraid to be just that, no pretending to be what it isn’t, we rather like Rat Boy.  First time we met Charlie he was painting a wall down by the canal here in East London, just painting, no show to promote or print release to publicise no street art art fair appearance next week that needed attention… just proper


Were still thinking about Amy last week, that was indeed a show, and yes we will shout about it, that’s the show the man in the red hat said was of no importance, the one he said he didn’t care about…  only those who were there know what happened, seems a share that most can’t be bothered?

Cultivate Debased - Amy kingsmill

Cultivate Debased – Amy kingsmill

Action Pulpeuse is coming to New Art Projects London…. “and it’s longer and wider than ever, with upwards of ten playful and provocative performances touching on language, power & the body, to punctuate your gentle wander through the gallery”.

Free entry / free drink, here’s the details and the words of those who bring us these thing…

The Centre of Attention’s ‘Seven for Seven-thirty’ marshals elements of exhibition-making to manipulate our notions of etiquette & codes of social status to create a very specific sense of occasion.

Dalston Ballet Company: three short dance pieces featuring Rckay Rax, house of o’dwyer, Jo Cork, Lee Fukke combine experimental music, movement, light, and cut up techniques to explore ideas of beauty, art and archetype, narrative & dramaturgy.

Daniel Lehan‘s ‘I am a Square” is a sound text piece comprising words, poems and songs performed on two battery powered child’s Alphabet Desks, referencing Dada sound poetry and the artist’s own performance at Cabaret Voltaire, Zurich.

Patrizia Paolini’s character performance ‘Lalla’re’ poses the question “What’s it all about ?” (life/death ? the piece ? the event ?)

Zuza Tehanu: ‘Mire’ – Her waters spilled / Her matter embraced the ground / Her body became a mud / And from the mud back it came

Hosts Przymierska Morgan demonstrate their rigorously developed system for effective communication & invite the audience to inscribe meaning on the artist’s skin. And there’s a little something to take home with you…

New Art Projects is to be found at 6d Sheep Lane, Hackney, London E8 4QS, just by the Regents Canal parallel to Broadway Market

We’re still buzzing from the debased times of last week…. see you out there this week, art excites us…. a little more than a press release, a red hat and telling people you don’t really care….

Cultivate Debased - Marnie Scarlet

Cultivate Debased – Marnie Scarlet

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