ORGAN THING: ‘ere, have a listen to new mixtape tape thing from hip-hop legend M1…

Build a bonfire, build a bonfire, put the paintings on the top, put the vinyl in the middle and where were we? Avoiding car parks, basements, boozers full of cockneys wanting a ruck and the paint police at the Halfords till. Why do you need all these colours? Are you sure you’re working on a car? have you got any ID? Ladies and gentlemen, Seven trumpets the sound of thunder, Seven trumpets the threatening anger….


JEAN-MICHEL BASQUIAT - Back Of The Neck (1983) at Frieze Masters

JEAN-MICHEL BASQUIAT – Back Of The Neck (1983) at Frieze Masters

“Anti-imperialist edge underpinned by contemporary hip-hop beats’” so said someone else who never listens to pigeons…So anyway, it happened like this, there was this pigeon, the Eleven O’Clock Pigeon, no never mind that, the pigeon arrived twenty minutes early and commented about those Basquiat pieces and seeing them in the in the actual flesh last week, in the actual flesh mind you, cardboard ridges and all, in the flesh rather than just some flat lifeless image in a book or a print or a poster or a mere image on line. It really does make you splutter on your bread when another skeleton with a word next to it passes by on your social media feed with some fool from somewhere or other telling you the artist is “the bomb” and this is “rad”, mocked the pigeon. The talking pigeon is right, enough of generic street art and talking pigeons and fill in the blanks, gentrification? Today is a loud building a big bonfire and watching it all go up in flames kind of day, bigger than hip hop… and no I damn well don’t paint roses! Don’t be treating it like an afterthought and asking for a damn painting of a damn rose! Here’s some old school hip-hop energy and a new re-mix and M1 and bit of ADF in the middle and it all and it really is obvious what the problem is….

not a rose in sight....

not a rose in sight….

M1-Dead Prez & Bonnot Announce All New Mixtape: B.M.W Mixtape, featuring Run The Jewels, Jay Z, Busta Rhymes and More….


Here’s the hype>  “Critically acclaimed Hip-Hop legend, M1 of Dead Prez joins forces with Italian producer Bonnot of Assalti Frontali and release their new mixtape, The B.M.W Mixtape. Previous album, ‘Between Me And The World’; featuring singles, ‘Killing It’ ft. Jahdan Blakkamoore and ‘Number One With A Bullet’ ft. Prodigy (Mobb Deep) and blah blah blah….   M1-Dead Prez & Bonnot are announcing a European Tour starting in Rome on the 30th of September and tearing through the towns of Europe through October”.

Here’s have some more earfood, I’m off to find some matches, Seven trumpets the trembling voice….


Jean-Michel Basquiat at Frieze Masters

Jean-Michel Basquiat at Frieze Masters

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