ORGAN THING: Exoplanet Dive Bar is Dan Pasteiner’s first solo exhibition at Redchurch Street’s studio1.1 gallery

There’s a certain pleasure in seeing that red door open, seeing it still there, almost a relief, the gallery, defiantly right there, a last slice of hope on East London’s Redchurch Street and that former glorious of a road once alive with art and creativity rather than the dull thud of cash registers, coffee shop conformity and designer label tedium.  Studio 1.1 isn’t that great at publicity, kind of pot luck in terms of what’s on and is it open? It usually is, bright red door open on to the street, uneven gallery floors and (seemingly always) freshly painted white walls. Who or what is in the gallery today?

Exoplanet Dive Bar is Dan Pasteiner’s first solo exhibition at studio1.1.   “The exhibition comprises paintings made of oil, acrylic, latex rubber, resin, pigments, enamel, gesso, permanent marker, elastic and hybrid polymer on/in Swiss polyester mesh framed in aluminium and rubber; a painting made of resin, pigments, hybrid polymer, inkjet print and gloss on panel framed in rubber and a sculpture made of thin-film solar panel, enamel and steel”.



Dan Pasteiner lives and works in London. He was born in Salmiya, Kuwait, in 1980. Apparently he completed MA Sculpture at the Royal College of Art in 2007 and a BA in sculpture at Camberwell College of Art in 2002 – the formal education of an artist is something that, on the whole, these days, is of very little relevance, in this case the sculptural background is worth noting.

Besides the bike hanging painting-like as part of a framed piece,  Dan Pasteiner’s work in this particular show is very much about the convention of painterly work on walls, about relatively flat surfaces, square or oblong pieces hanging vertically in that was that paintings usually do. However much they are about the texture and colour, the work is very much approached as a collection of “conventional” contemporary paintings would be. Textures, surfaces, relationships between those textures and marks, tactile relationships, surface tension, details within… it doesn’t feel like colour is a priority here – that isn’t necessarily a criticism – this does feel like an artist enjoying texture, enjoying the marks and relationships and tensions between different materials within a piece, about materials, about surfaces. There is a table in the middle of the gallery, it isn’t clear if is part of the show? Actually this is a rather difficult show to read, the artist offers very little in terms of written information to accompany what is, it has to be said, a rather disjointed show. Is that table part of it? Are the printed words within the pieces anything more than texture?  And what about that piece that features as the image in the small bits of on-line publicity that do exist for the show? No sign of that piece of sculpture in here? Actually the artist seems more interested in telling us about his education and listing his previous shows than telling us anything about this one, don’t really care which art school you went to, what’s that piece over there about? What are you exploring here? Exoplanet? A planet that orbits a star outside the solar system? Dive bar?  His website isn’t that up-to-date either but there are some interesting images on there, pieces that suggests there’s a lot more to Dan Pasteiner than this show is revealing.



Do like the fact that Studio hanging in there, do like the fact that it is one of the few gallery spaces that has the door open and does seem to be constantly active, and yes, do like this some of this Dan Pasteiner show – there are some pieces that threaten to be really interesting, some delicious textures and relationships to be found here, tensions, marks that intrigue, really didn’t leave the gallery in any kind of excited state though, didn’t feel an artist had engaged, not sure what Dan Pasteiner is about? Not sure what this show is about? Not sure what Exoplanet Dive Bar is saying or meaning, didn’t leave feeling that excited about the te artist, the paint, did enjoy some of the marks, the materials, not sure if colour is a factor, not sure what the is review is about? The need to support a gallery? To support art?.Artist-led spaces? Artists? Don’t know? Dan Pasteiner has me curious, what is Exoplanet Dive Bar about? What will he do next? Where is this going? What’s for tea? Look at the splinters on this fence.  (sw).         .

Dan Pasteiner’s Exoplanet Dive Bar is on at Studio 1.1, Redchurch Street, Shoreditch, London, E2  until 30th October (open Thursday – Sunday 12 – 6 pm or by appointment)

Click on an image to enlarge or run the fractured slide show….


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