ORGAN THING: One thousand things, as calm as can be. not cold and not in the English sea…


According to the stats, yesterday’s post about Dan Pasteiner’s first solo exhibition at Redchurch Street’s studio1.1 gallery was the 999th post on these pages. Of course Organ has been around far far longer than just the short 999 page life of this back-to-basic no-frills blog version of course, Organ predates the internet, predates social media, predates the instant gratification of mobile phones and camera always at the ready, Organ comes from a time before art was instant and available, a time when music existed on tape rather then on line. We could have a party but hey, who cares about stats and numbers, Organ has always about that next piece of art or that next piece of music, that next exhibition, zine, demo tape, gig, the next slice of Soundcloud

Here a piece of music while we get on on with posting number 1001, TaxiWars are playing tonight ….


And here, in slight celebration, is bag of around 100 images of piece of art, mostly from the back streets and artist-run spaces of London where the others don’t venture… art excites, no red hats….


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