ORGAN THING: Thierry Noir maps out his London street art locations….

Thierry Noir

Thierry Noir

Street Artist Thierry Noir has been applying his (very) bright colour to the dull and dirty walls of various grey European cities for many years, his faces are all over London, and when he does take over a gallery, like his recent works that have filled the walls of East London’s Howard Griffin Gallery, the Shoreditch gallery that currently hoses the The Thierry Noir Museum,  “a full scale and immersvie installation dedicated to the collected works of the iconic graphic artist Thierry Noir”, when he does take over a space he created a very bright world to escape in to. The Thierry Noir Museum is at Howard Griffin until the end of December, the gallery is saturated with his bright colour, his bold graphic shapes, his big child-like heads. not child-like in the way they are painted, child-like in terms of where they take us for that brief moment, that brief smile. If you haven’t been to Thierry’s museum yet then do take a moment to escape. of course the street is where the artist mostly works, and the point of this quick piece today is bring to your attention an interactive Google street Map thing Thierry Noir has created that helps you locate his colour, a Google map that marks the sites where you find all the existing pieces of Thierry Noir’s London street art pieces along with photos and brief informative notes from the artist about each piece…

Thierry Noir

Thierry Noir Museum

Hello Sean, I tried to collect all my souvenirs, inspirations and fantasies to build this Google Streetmap Noir.
Here’s the Google map of my street paintings, since 2013, in London” Said Thierry Noir just now…

And indeed there it is, a Google map that marks the site where you find all the existing pieces of Thierry Noir’s London street art pieces with photos and notes from the artist about each piece. he’s not the first artists to do this Google thing of course but it is an excellent use of the technology (just as long as you remember to actually look around you rather than just at your phone as you walk along the streets).  Thierry’s bold work is popular around here, we like his world, his colour, we like that out there on streets infested with advertising and estate agents boards and the rest of the uncaring clutter of greed that are the faces of Thierry and the figures of Stik and the smiles that result in piece of Charlie McFarley breaking through on the fractured concrete (sw).

Thierry Noir on Goggle

Thierry Noir on Goggle

A little taste of what Mr Noir has to say about the various pieces on his Google map pages..

“It is necessary to be creative to survive the pressure of a city like London. With the help of this creativity, you could feel alive and not fall into a sort of soft melancholy. When I started to paint in 1982, I said to everybody that I am a multi-talented person. I can do everything: I can sing, play guitar, roll me on the floor, write poems, play drums and of course paint. Every child is an artist. Why not every adult?”

Of the piece on Rivington Street by Cargo he says  “Just next to a Banksy painting at the entrance of the Cargo Garten. The crocodile smiles to you but he may bites you if you come too near.  The symbol of the Berlin Wall. The wall was not just a painted concrete wall, part of an art project, but a deadly machine, a sort of big crocodile ready to kill people at any time”

And here’s some imagery from the Museum along with a few of the map pages. Click on an image to enlarge or run the fractured slide show…






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