ORGAN THING: Solitude, how much more metal could it be?



There’s some glorious metallic riffing here, trashing like a manic, metal as metal can be. Trouble is, we’ve heard most of those riffs six hundred and sixty-six times already, there isn;t an original moment to be found on this brilliant album, it was instructive just then when that fist went up in the air and the lyrics to Fast and Furious spurted out at the start of that one, universes were invaded and along came a bit of Accept to kick the none more Judas Priest riff out of the way – there it goes now, fast as a shark, excellent!  This is totally utterly gloriously brilliant unoriginal metal mayhem and all kinds of preposterous borrowed bits of Maiden welded on to second hand studded wristband encrusted Metallica thrashings. There’s large slabs of Motorhead, ten tons of Maidenesque eddie-bothering, there’s relentless riff chugging amd that song there surely has to a thinly disguised Metallica cover? Glorious! Brilliant, and no It isn’t a cover! There they go, thrashing along, bang that head that does not bang – we are as one, yes, we all are the same. fighting for one cause. leather and metal are our uniforms. protecting what we…. Ridiculously good!  Hang on, bag load of Fast Eddie Clarke riffs just added to bullet belt driven brew.. This relentlessly metal, ridiculously so, how much more metal could it be? And the answer is none, none more metal. Who is this? Haven’t looked yet, the tag-line in the e.mail said it was some new album from someone or other, said ir was for fans on Motorhead, Saxon, Tank and Venom, they had me hitting the link at Saxon! Not a hint of Tank mind you, not much Venom either!  Saxon? Motorhead? The link was hit!  Fire it up, faster than Anvil’s hammer striking metal (on metal). And there goes another almost Iron Maiden bit, hallowed by thy riff!  turn it up, rip crunching, the louder the better, volume’s the game. And there goes a bit of Exciter –  “Heavy isn’t about volume, it’s about attitude” said yet man – this album rules, not much Venom, not much, Tank, plenty of Maiden, bag load of Exodus, Metallica, a fist full of metal, some Fist, a healthy dose of Raven and there goes another Motorhead riff, who is this?  Let’s go look and see who it we’ve been blasting in here of repeat for the last four hours? Ridiculously good….



“Hey Sean, How’s it going? Hope you’re having a great week! I’m really excited to present the next promo from Test Your Metal Records. They just signed Japan heavy metallers SOLITUDE for the North American release of their album ‘Reach For The Sky’ previously released in Japan last year via Spiritual Beast. The album is set for release on November 25th for North America. The release is the band’s third album and follows 2009’s Brave The Storm (Spiritual Beast) plus 2001’s Virtual Image(Spiritual Beast). The release features eight fist pounding tracks mixed by Magnus “Mankan” Sedenberg, who has previously worked with Bullet and Crucified Barbara along with artwork by Velio Josto (Warlord, Medieval Steel, Ostrogoth etc). Fans of Motorhead, Saxon, Tank and Venom are sure to appreciate”.  no, there’s no Venom here and that is dreadful artwork, we don’t need all that fantasy dragon bulshit, we want a big fist in a studded metal glove screaming for vengence, we don’t want slick dragons, that’s the kind of crap that gives metal such a bad reputation, we want badly drawn fists full of metal and sub Anthrax artwork, we want it coloured in with felt-tips by chimps, we want the kind of gloriously bad art that would have you handing over your grubby fiver to Kelv Hellrazor down in that Shades basement over in Soho without a second thought – and no that’s not a made up name, Kelv was for real, never that friendly if you didn’t have the right t-shirt on, he was good at flogging Organ back in the day though, probably kept the soho hairspray dealers in business single handed. Anyway this is gloriously bad, so bad they’re brilliant, metal on metal with a bit more metal piled on top, none more metal, fast and furious invade the universe…   (sw)

Solitude have a new album called Reach For The Sky (Test Your Metal Records)  Release Date in North America is November 25, 2016, no details of a release over here, you’ll have to get it on import from that basement in Soho, i;m sure Kelv is still down there……



here’s an old You Tube, nowhere near as good as the new stuff.


And here’s are old mate Kelv showing off some zines….

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