ORGAN: Five Slices of Monday Music – Saint Agnes, Chromb!, Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, Clipping and Unqualified Nurse Band…

A Leaf - 2015 (sw)

A Leaf – 2015 (sw)

Five for Monday? Shall we do it that way? We’ll do it that way today, who knows about tomorrow or next Monday? Will we last until next Monday? Will that vile creature Trump have blown the hell out of us by then or will the agents of regeneration get us first? The previous Arrows of Love page just got a tiny bit decimated by a photographer who wanted a credit but failed to give his name even though he was repeated asked what the hell his name actually was!  No problem with credits and links, you do kind of need to give us a name and a link though rather than just a hissy pissy e.mail and a bad attitude, wasn’t like it was that great a shot…

FIVE SLICE OF MUSIC FOR MONDAY (in no particular order) ...

SAINT AGNES (photo Rob Blackham)

SAINT AGNES (photo Rob Blackham)

1:  London’s rather excellent SAINT AGNES have a fine new single, another big big (big) slab of attitude laced with blues rock ‘n roll, ‘Merry Mother Of God Go Round’, out via Death Or Glory Gang Records on December 8th. “The raised hackles of Kitty Arabella Austen (Lola Colt) and Jon Tufnell’s voices roughly brush up against descending strings of power chords, whilst the chorus sinks its rusty sing-along hooks into your brain with stoned rapacity before following its thundering drums into doomsville” or so it say’s here..”‘Merry Mother Of God Go Round’ was recorded at the analogue Soup Studios in Limehouse on tape. It’s the second single in a series, with fans vying for new material since the tear-away success of ‘Sister Electric’, which sold out its lathe cut vinyl release on pre-order”


Saint Agnes cover art is once again by Laura New and the band play their biggest headline gig to-date on December 8th at Oslo in Hackney up at the tope of Mare Street right by Hackney Central


2: Here’s yet another new CLIPPING song/video and shit going bang, meanwhile there’s a whole load of European dates including London, Corsica Studios, on December 20th, the dates are over on the Deathbomb Arc website…  You see, I keep thinking, oh no, we can’t post yet more Clipping and then I take a look and tey damn well have it again. Those words might be over the edge now and again, but hey, they seem to be telling it how it is and


5: CHROMB! are from France, Chromb! are brilliant, we don’t need to explain why, you’ve got the new album right there, pretty obvious that they’re brilliant  Chromb! are part of that big French stew of seriously-out-there progressive avant bands all playing together making the French sceene seem so xciting right now, your man Yves from Poil just said “We are working on new stuff baby! For the moment we highly recommend our lovely label Dur et Doux latest release Chromb!” There’s all these great band like PoiL and Icsis. (PoiL always have to have a big “L” at the end of their name). Chromb have their new album out this week, the name of the album is 1000, they’ll run around your brain like mice on keys, they kind of go off and things in their own almost manic way, they’re on that glorious cusp where classical composition and experimental rock dance together, they frantic in a delightfully refined way, sometimes rushing down jazzy side streets, sometimes gloriously progressive in that great big 70’s sense, sometimes just falling upstairs with dada-flavoured restraint, structurally experimental, some of it brooding in a epic way, the eleven minures of l en fallait for instance. They’ve been featuring heavily on recent Other Rock Show broadcasts of course and well, like we keep saying, you don’t need our words, just hit play then go buy yourself a copy, it was officially release last Friday on Dur et Doux


A Leaf - 2016

A Leaf – 2016


4: UNQUALIFIED NURSE BAND are from Derby, they talk of being a death surf punk band or something like that, where do yer surf in Derby? Maybe RipCruncher knows? They’re a bit Crampsy, a bit feisty, they’re a bag load of riffs and energy and yeas indeed, punk rock surf, square deal I guess? For mash get smash and book him Dano, A bit of Cramps on a Monday is no bad thing, the album is out on red vinyl, blood red we hope, and yeah, it gets a little same same same after a few listens but hell, fire it up and grab a b burst here and thee, if you want albums of repeat all day without getting bored go put on The Lamb and feast with the Carpet Crawlers and the imperial aerosol king…  The Nurse and her band are hitting the spot today, they probably make blistering seven inchers and they probably rip things up in a serious way, you wouldn’t want them surfing next to you on the beach in Derby. I guess they’d like us namedrop Black Flag or The Stooges or something, the bandcamp thing is there, go find out for yourself while we g okick some more leaves…


5: SLEEPYTIME GORILLA MUSEUM – “The highly-awaited first-time vinyl pressing of avant rock’s most puzzling literary unit’s sophomore foray into aural decay in which the donkey-headed adversary of humanity opens the discussion”, that’s right, some classic Sleepytime is about to be served up on various different coloured vinyl formats via Blood Music, Sleepytime Gorilla Museum “Of Natural History” is being re-issued on deluxe double vinyl format and this gives is an excuse to post some music here as part of this list


“Of Natural History” on heavyweight 180-gram+ 2xLP, mastered specifically for vinyl. Heavyweight 350gsm gatefold jacket with black-flood inner pocket printing, featuring layouts and transliterations created together with the band themselves. Printed inner sleeves, featuring just about everything you could hope to know about SGM’s natural and historical archives. Vinyl colours: CREAM & GREEN SWIRL [65 copies USA/Canada, 135 copies Rest of the World], OPAQUE CREAM [65 copies USA/Canada, 135 copies Rest of the World] and BLACK [55 copies USA/Canada, 95 copies Rest of the World] (more black copies in distribution, as well). Pre-order: mid-November, 2016.. Release: December 16th, 2016, who’s going to buy us one? More via Blood Music

A Leaf - 2015

A Leaf – 2015

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