ORGAN THING: A taste of The Classical at Transition gallery, Crass on the front of the Daily Mirror and those tabloid headlines that for once might be right..



Bouncing hedgehogs? Gee Voucher on the front page f the Daily Mirror, random Americans apologising in the street, what would Hunter have said?  “Nixon was a foul caricature of himself, a man with no soul, no inner convictions, with the integrity of a hyena and the style of a poison toad”  Hunter S Thompson.

Went to a checkout a handful of East London art show openings earlier this cold wet evening, Hackney’s art did not quite excite tonight, and when there’s nothing to write home about then why bother writing home? Well besides a group show called The Classical over at Transition Gallery, that one might have been interesting if it wasn’t for all the people standing in the gallery talking to each other making it rather difficult to actually see any of the art. One to return and explore a little more in the daytime when people with their backs to the wall standing in front of paintings looking at their damn phones aren’t casting black looks at you for trying to get a look at the actual paintings they’re blocking…

The Classical at Transition - impossible to see

The Classical at Transition – impossible to see

Meanwhile over on the news stands of Britain Gee Vaucher, she of Crass and such, has made the front page of the Daily Mirror (Berketex Bride style) and even the right-wing scumsuckers at The Sun seem to think something might be just little wrong with Trump being in control of things over there. Random Americans are walking up to people and saying sorry, Crass are on the cover of a mainstream tabloid newspaper as a response to the US presidential election and well, the world might well be as Donald Ducked as another of our wonderful tabloids says it is (Cockney rhyming slang my septic tank friends).

UK Newspaper stand the day after Trump..

UK Newspaper stand the day after Trump..

And so over at Transition (where for once they actually had some signs for once, it was appreciated), the small gallery room was so packed that seeing the art really was almost impossible. There’s a show called The Classical and “a group exhibition examining contemporary painting and its relationship with art history” featuring Aisha Christison, Grant Foster, Kate Groobey, Alex Gibbs, Jonathan Lux, Jessie Makinson, Eleanor Moreton, Freya Douglas-Morris, Leon Pozniakow. and curated by Kristian Day.  There’s a lack of names on the pieces we can see and no sign of any information, then again there really was no room in there to really look for names, looks like they had themselves a successful opening. That painting at the back looks interesting, and that small one on the wall and well…

MESSAGE FOR YER! MESSAGE FOR YER!  I just left the hotel amnesia… The artists involved in The Classical represent a snapshot of contemporary painting that neither adheres to nor rejects ideals of classical balance, harmony, order and symmetry. Rather, it absorbs them as part of a wider lexicon of resources to be drawn from. We live in an image-saturated culture, the art of the past mixes seamlessly with art of the present. The canon of art history can, today, be flicked through on any mobile device, assimilated, stripped for parts, reconfigured. It is neither something to be bound by nor reacted against. Sometimes we see direct quotation in the work of these artists, more often we find allusion, a fleeting reference in paint like a wink of an eye to the clued-in viewer. This is a quieter shift towards integrity over fashion, an investigation of timelessness in painting over the fleeting sparkle of marketing” so said the gallery blurb. 

A show to return to and investigate a little more before it ends..The Classical rubs from the 11th to the 20th November 2016, the gallery open Thursday – Sunday 12-6pm. Transition Gallery, is up a few floors at Unit 25a Regent Studios, 8 Andrews Road, London, E8 4QN

Click on an image to enlarge or run the fractured slide show…

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